Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pics: Strapping Field Hands Nov 19 2009 @ Kung Fu Necktie

After an awesome Jesus Lizard show at the Starlight Ballroom on Wednesday, the class of '94 week totally continued with a rare (reunion?) show from the Strapping Field Hands at Kung Fu Necktie. Tons of old heads at both shows, lots of bald spots and glasses, mine included. I swear there more girls at the Field Hands show than the Lizard one.

Anyways, the Field Hands were great, a tad sloppy, sometimes out of tune, but totally perfect in their deal. Sure, I wish they had played more songs from Discus and I wish they were rocking the 2 drummer line up, but so it goes. The remastered reissue of the CD is due in Jan 2010 (available now on iTunes) and hopefully will lead to more Field Hands show. I would love to see them hop on that "do an album front to back" trend and play the entire Discus album in the future. At the Khyber. Fingers crossed. Anyway, here are some pics from from the shambling shamen. Sorry for the extra blurriness, but I was trying to recreate my mind state of 1994 with lots of porter and smoke.

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