Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pocahaunted @ Kung Fu Necktie on June 15

Yay, super excited for this one. I really dig their new record a lot, though a commenter on said "more drone, less surf" or some shit, so what do I know?

Also on the bill, Dark Circles from the LV, Siltbreezers U.S. Girls and Ether Island.

Pocahaunted - All Of Is Of from Not Not Fun on Vimeo.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Acid Mothers Sunday Vol 25: Tsurubami KFJC May 19 2003

Hey now, a tad early, but for this Mothers' Day edition of Acid Mothers Sunday we have a live set from Tsurubami recorded and aired on May 19 2003 via KFJC. Must have been a treat to see/hear them live, hopefully us East Coasters will get the chance someday. Anyways, the AMT connections are Kawabata on guitar and Hiroshi on guitar and keyboards (I think) with the drumming of Nobuko Emi. Anyways, two long, dark swirling and piercing pieces, apologies for a bit of digital noise here and there.

Here are some words from Kawabata on Tsurubami from the liners of the Do Whatever You

As long as we three have life on this planet the group will continue to exist. Here's a summary of our mission:
According to the theory of Inyo Gogyo, everything that exists in the world can be expressed by Yin and Yang, the two principles. (even computers work in this way). Everything is created from Yin and Yang, and the interactions of the Five Elements - wood, fire, earth, metal, water. The workings of the universe can be understood through a knowledge of the Two Principles and Five Elements. The form of everything on Earth and in the heavens is created by Yin and Yang, while the workings of the world occur through the Five Elements. If we take it that sound is one particle of time, then the energy of sound flows from the deepest past into the far future. And that also suggests that the purpose of ritual and prayer is to recreate the energy that existed at the beginning of the cosmos. Rituals and prayer function to reawaken that which existed at the beginning, to open the doors of this world, and to make that energy flow once more. Through the holy sound of Ohm, can we glimpse the eternal, escape the constraints of time (past, present, and future), and come to meet the Buddha?
For us, Tsurubami is a place of eternal spiritual training, a place where everything must be laid bare. This band itself is the last and greatest stronghold of group existence. I see it as a place where we can experiment with a form of improvised playing based on paranormal communication which has existed since the time of the troubadours.


Tsurubami - Live May 19 2003 KFJC

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh Hells Yeah, ANTiSEEN coming back to Philly July 10 2010

Just got an email stating that ANTiSEEN, the only real punk band left (my words, not the email's) are coming back to Hostile City USA, July 10 to play the Troc... I will post details as I get 'em...

Five fucking years without Antiseen in Philly and now two shows in the span of a year. Awwright!