Sunday, July 20, 2008

Acid Mothers Sunday vol 7 (the return of...): Inyogogyo (LA-096)

Ok, so it has been a few months since the last one of these, the one thing I said I would do on a semi regular basis on the blog. You know how it goes. This time around it is not Acid Mother Temple proper, but it is another one of Kawabata's many appearances on a LA Musica release. La Musica was the label run by Asahito Nanjo in the nineties that documented his scene and those around him. Inyogogyo is a duo of Kawabata and Nanjo making some evil sounding drone/scrape 'scapes. According to the (color!) sleeve, this was recorded in 1996, mastered in 1997 and (probably) released in 1998 or 1999. I am not sure what instruments they are creating with, but this isn't insanely far removed from the stuff they did as Toho Sara, though darker, for sure. Creepy and kinda disturbing, not exactly the relaxing meditation grooves of a lot of the more recent solo/drone Kawabata. Bowling clouds of deep rumble bounce of off slow motion free jazz scronk way in the background with a general bad vibe ambiance. Side two is a tad mellower and closer to surface earth, some chimey and effects covered acoustic guitar layers with the melting woooosh for a slightly more recognizable grounding. A totally interesting release in that mud puddle where drone and noise kinda bisect. Here is the La Musica catalog blurb, in typical mystic/carny goof:

096. INYOGOGYO / Wood, fire, earth, metal, water
Secretive “music” group formed by Makoto Kawabata and Asahito Nanjo. Taking as their theme the two contradicting powers that are the origin of all things, they explore the universe, nature and humanity. Studio recordings by a martyred group with a spacey psychedelic sound.

So there you go. Perhaps it is the clash of "contradictiing powers" that lends the heaviness to this one, who knows? Inyogogyo has no other releases listed in the catalog and I only know of this one being a cassette. Martyred group, indeed!

Inyogogyo - Wood, fire, earth, metal, water (LA-096)

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