Wednesday, July 2, 2008

La Otracina @ Marvelous July 1 2008

Great set last night from La Otracina in West Philly at Marvelous Records. New guitarist leads to a more rock (but not rockist) sound, though certainly in line with their old deal to me. Pure psychedelic rock meeting that blues boogie jam action as well. Would fit in so good at a Pearls & Brass show... or Stone Age! Heavy riffs meeting spazz drumming and Adam sings now too, so I guess things are more song oriented by definition, but yeah, I dig the heavy-now. I guess they played around 40 minutes with the last jam being an awesome "Kick Out the Jams" style rave up. Fun blabbing with them as well, always dig their genuine enthusiasm and work ethic. Plus new guitarist Phil was down with Turning Point and Misunderstood, crazy small world, yall. And friggin' William Walton and Eric Zimmerman (who has copped my beard and the Jay Laughlin headband from like 2002) were there. Awesome!

Here are some pics. Go see them if you can, psych is not afraid to rock, yo.

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