Saturday, July 5, 2008

New Issue of SALT (#8)

Been meaning to mention this for a bit, but have been sidetracked and such... anyway, the new issue of SALT is out now and has been for a month or so. Kevin McCaighy's zine is one of my all time favorites and a new issue is always a welcome delivery in this house. Full disclosure: I am personal friends with Kevin and have written for SALT in the past.

Totally done like a real deal fanzine; on paper, black & white, music (and film and wrestling and print) coverage, it really is one of the best reads out there. Sure, as a crank, I dig the aesthetics of actually paging through paper whilst being super awesome and listening to the new Endless Boogie (which is pretty massive by the way)... but the printing would be pointless if the writing didn't back it up, of course. Luckily Kevin (who also writes for Rock a Rolla as well as some other pubs, I think?) is one of the best music writers doing it these days. His mix of analytical questions and excited music fan enthusiasm make his interviews dig much deeper than the usual email transcriptions. His reviews actually talk about what the stuff sounds like and his sense of musical history often makes connections between sounds/bands I would have never thought of. I wish this issue had more reviews, though! Plus he pretty much sticks to writing about what he likes (in SALT) and wants people to hear instead of wasting time trashing easy targets like so much internet/indie smart mark dreck. I seem to be praising "genuine enthusiasm" a lot lately, but goddamn it is nice to see/read, what can I say? Plenty of it in issue eight, no doubt.

Interviews with Circle and Xasthur are highlights for sure, especially since it is probably one of the last interview Malefic is gonna give. Some good inside stuff, without being gossipy, etc. A cool journal about Suishou No Fune at SXSW and a funny interview with grind types 7000 Dying Rats. Nice long chat with author John Lister about ECW and pro wrestling in general, always an awesome focus in most issues of SALT. The first 50 copies come with a 3" CD of exclusive music from Hwyl Nofio, who are also interviewed in the mag. Of course the issue is rounded out with some of Kevin's artwork, check out the cover drawing of Diamanda Galas and a full page of RTX.

It looks like Aquarius Records has issue 8 in stock, read their review and try not to buy an issue! Seriously... you can always contact Kevin at kevinmccaighy (at)hotmail(dot)com and buy direct from the source.

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