Sunday, November 22, 2009

Acid Mothers Sunday: Vol. 19: Live In Occident

Wow, I haven't done one of these in ages. Anyways, for this one, I have uploaded a rip of the Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO's first live vinyl, Live In Occident.

The seemingly gone Detector put this 2 LP colored vinyl gatefold in 2000. Decent live recordings of Acid Mothers Temple's various live shows in 1999, though unfortunately the Philly show at the Khyber that was my first AMT live show is not represented. If anyone has a recording of that one, please get in touch!

Anyways, this is the classic line up with Kawabata, Cotton, Higashi, Tsuyama and Koizumi Hajime tearing through America and the UK. It features the weird ass free jazz spazz jams like "Rising From the Cool Fool Inferno" that this line up squeezed in between the earlyish versions of "Pink Lady Lemonade" and "Speed Guru." And of course the over the top improv jam of "Acid Milk Milky Way Also Jupiter 888."

The highlight on this one for me is the sublime and beautiful "Astrological Overdrive." Cotton's vocals may be the most missed aspect of modern AMT and this performance gives a solid reason why. Her vocals mix perfectly with Tsuyama's, especially when he gets demonic and she remains angelic. It is a one of the great lost Acid Mothers songs, appearing no where else to the best of my knowledge, but it is 18 minutes of swirling but simple psych, foreshadowing jams like "La Novia" and "Soleil de Cristal et Lune d'argent" and even "Cometary Orbital Drive." Another mandatory jam on this one is another kinda lost song, "Blue Velvet Blues." This one didn't survive the AMT set list much after the first two tours it seems, but such a great song, again, another showcase for Cotton's vocals. While the ultimate version of the song is on the 2LP reissue of Pataphisical Freak Out Mu!!, this version is heavy and deep features a weird clapping jam with the audience not to far into the song, hazy and totally strange, almost like the "Chanting" on this Dead show. The super pretty main riff is colored by very light guitar playing and then crushing synth noise blasts. Totally incredible.

Detector didn't seem to last too long, though they did release a 7" and a 10" by Cotton's pre AMT band, Mady Gula Blue Heaven. This one has been out of print for a pretty long time and if it ever gets reissued I will pull it down, of course, but it is a key part to the AMT puzzle for sure.

This one is loaded at 256. Enjoy.

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO - Live In Occident (Detector Records, 2000)

1. Acid Milk Milkyway Also Jupiter 888
2. banter
3. Rising From The Cool Fool Inferno
4. Astrological Overdrive
5. Pink Lady Lemonade
6. Blue Velvet Blues
7. Speed Guru
8. Lucille

UPDATE: The fine folks at Essence Music have reissued this in a remixed version on CD, limited to 500 copies in a gatefold sleeve. The sound is great, highly recommended!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pics: Strapping Field Hands Nov 19 2009 @ Kung Fu Necktie

After an awesome Jesus Lizard show at the Starlight Ballroom on Wednesday, the class of '94 week totally continued with a rare (reunion?) show from the Strapping Field Hands at Kung Fu Necktie. Tons of old heads at both shows, lots of bald spots and glasses, mine included. I swear there more girls at the Field Hands show than the Lizard one.

Anyways, the Field Hands were great, a tad sloppy, sometimes out of tune, but totally perfect in their deal. Sure, I wish they had played more songs from Discus and I wish they were rocking the 2 drummer line up, but so it goes. The remastered reissue of the CD is due in Jan 2010 (available now on iTunes) and hopefully will lead to more Field Hands show. I would love to see them hop on that "do an album front to back" trend and play the entire Discus album in the future. At the Khyber. Fingers crossed. Anyway, here are some pics from from the shambling shamen. Sorry for the extra blurriness, but I was trying to recreate my mind state of 1994 with lots of porter and smoke.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Acid Mothers Temple 2010 USA Tour Dates

From Windish

Philly show is April 9 at Johnny Brenda's...

Sun 03/21/10 Plush - Tucson AZ
Mon 03/22/10 Casbah - San Diego CA
Tue 03/23/10 Spaceland - Los Angeles CA
Wed 03/24/10 Bottom of the Hill - San Francisco CA
Fri 03/26/10 Mississippi Studios - Portland OR
Sat 03/27/10 Biltmore Cabaret - Vancouver BC
Sun 03/28/10 Sunset Tavern - Seattle WA
Wed 03/31/10 7th Street Entry - Minneapolis MN
Thu 04/01/10 The Picador - Iowa City IA
Fri 04/02/10 Empty Bottle - Chicago IL
Sat 04/03/10 Crofoot Ballroom Pike Room - Pontiac MI
Sun 04/04/10 El Mocambo - Toronto ON
Mon 04/05/10 La Sala Rossa - Montreal PQ
Tue 04/06/10 Middle East Upstairs - Cambridge MA
Wed 04/07/10 Knitting Factory - Brooklyn NY
Thu 04/08/10 DC9 - Washington DC
Fri 04/09/10 Johnny Brendas - Philadelphia PA
Sat 04/10/10 Ottobar - Baltimore MD
Sun 04/11/10 Local 506 - Chapel Hill NC
Mon 04/12/10 Pilot Light - Knoxville TN
Tue 04/13/10 Grey Eagle Tavern - Asheville NC
Wed 04/14/10 Cosmic Charlie's - Lexington KY
Thu 04/15/10 Hi-Tone Cafe - Memphis TN
Fri 04/16/10 The Loft - Dallas TX
Sat 04/17/10 Emos Alternative Lounge - Austin TX


Monday, November 9, 2009

Marble Sheep: Live June 8 1991 Shinjuku Antiknock Tokyo

With all the pics and stuff about Marble Sheep's recent visit to the Keystone State, I figured I would load up an older Marble Sheep & The Run Down Sun's Children show. This one is from 1991, June 8 at Shinjuku Antiknock in Tokyo. I got this one on cassette back in the mid 90s when I was on a crazy tape trade binge with a Japanese dude, my G.Dead for his Marble Sheep! Man... Anyways, not sure on the track list, drop a line if you know it, etc. or leave comments... thanks!

Marble Sheep & The Run Down Sun's Children - Live June 8 1991 Shinjuku Antiknock

UPDATE: Marble Sheep interview on jrawk blog here.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Marble Sheep, Plastic Crimewave Sound, Kohoutek: M Room Philly Nov 7 2009

Day two of the Eastern PA Marble Sheep/Plastic Crimewave tour landed at the M Room in Philly! Woo! We were kinda burnt from the awesome whirl of the night before in Bethlehem but hopes and excitement was high for this one. After the usual scramble for parking, we rolled in and hung out with Prophase Mike and Kenzinger pints.

Kohoutek played a great heavy set with Clint from Bardo Pond on bass. The tribal jam action mixed with Monster Magnet big riffs sometimes bouncing around, joined by blasts of musically murky noise, kinda like that Boris and Merzbow live album. The blasts were big and echoed around the small space, more like clouds than lasers. A really peppy set that found them hitting pockets of greatness regularly. Mike mentioned a bit of shoegaze and I can definitely see that as well. Regardless, every Kohoutek gig is different, so don't miss any!

Sean from The Twin Atlas rolled in and we were stoked to see him. Plastic Crimewave Sound kicked out the jams as they say. The definitely benefited from a better sound system than the night before, Steve's vocals were actually audible so that was cool. That said, I have to concur with Mike again, it was a darker vibe from them, mixing a bit more snarl, putting more of the punk in the space punk, but more angry noise too. Regardless, they still had tons of chaos mixing some Altamont with, uh, I don't know, the Playboy Mansion?

After a stroll outside, we headed in for Marble Sheep, the long running psychedelic institution from Japan. Their wild and woolly show from the night before was still making our ears ring, but I couldn't help but get up front once again, who knows when this will happen again? Another powered up, high energy set, again the sound was a bit better in some ways, but the way the dual drums filled up the space in Bethlehem was tough to beat. Similar set as the night before, again hitting that super rock tribal high regularly. Space Punk indeed! I have to admit, watching them work it two nights in a row definitely winded me and I was just watching. Go see the rest of the tour if you can!! We snagged some merch (the Sheep's merch table rivals Acid Mothers Temple's!) and said our goodbyes and got pics with Captain Trip head honcho Ken and all that jazz to a slow motion drive home listening to the Clipse while rolling past Club Plush!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Marble Sheep, Plastic Crimewave Sound, Fursaxa, We Have Heaven Bethlehem Nov 6 2009

Great show last night in Bethlehem featuring great sets from all four freak outfits which have magically been preserved for download here.

Don't forget, Marble Sheep, Plastic Crimewave Sound, Kohoutek and Gondola at the M Room in Philly tonight, Saturday Nov 7!

We rolled up after work and while looking for the place, we saw some Japanese freaks crossing the street and going into a bar so we knew we were close. Saw Eric Raw Pogo and parked and hit the same bar (and you can smoke there!)for some beers and watching the Sheep hold court before heading over to the space, a cool basement with couches and murals, ya know.

We Have Heaven were great, stripped to a three piece of two guitars and drums. Shimmering chimey guitar chugging in that early Spacemen 3 school of drone, really connected tonight. After heading out for a smoke and such, we rolled back in all smiles for an amazing piece from Fursaxa. I haven't see Tara perform in ages and this simple set up of sampler (etc) and bells and voice was really powerful and perfect. Swirling layers of sound, filling up the room; the lights and shadows playing all over the walls, really meshing everything together. We were totally blown away and stunned after her short performance. Definitely needed some fresh air and thought collecting, Tara's music totally took my brain out of a cinderblock basement and into some sorta time travelish void, nothing super out there, daydreaming but being nudged along by the sound and vision...

After that fresh air, we rolled in for our first sight of the new Plastic Crimewave Sound, new bass player and Crimewave's bro on second guitar. Super psychy crunch, a bit more noise and way more heaviosity from that SG using bro. A weird inversion of the Djin & Plastic Crimewave Sound tour from last year, this one was more like Tony Iommi Wayne Kramer sitting in with the Sound. Super riffage with way effected solos and noise.

Couldn't believe I was actually gonna see Marble Sheep... One of thee first Japanese psych bands I got into, never thought I would actually see them live. So excited! Right up front for the weirdness... Captain Trip records head Ken on guitar and vocals and then... two drummers... SG rocking clown... and a leopard gal on bass. It made no sense, it was great! While I will always love the G.Dead era of the Sheep, their new stuff made a lot more sense after witnessing the deal live. Full on tribal killer space psych, definitely hitting on hard rock with big ass riffs and overloaded effects kinda like Hawkwind. Definitely cramming a ton of sounds into a small space, propelled by the two drummers vs the two guitarists while the leopard bass held down the down. Total frenzy that was really fun but taking some super frying trips into inner space. So worth the wait. So awesome.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Marble Sheep tonight!! Bethlehem!

Tonight's the night, yo!

The long long long awaited Marble Sheep USA tour is underway and the ship lands tonight in Bethlehem. Drop a line if you need directions!

Also tonight... Plastic Crimewave Sound, We Have Heaven and Fursaxa... it is truly a dream show!!! Just Stay On The Up Side!!!!

UPDATE: Tonight's show will be streamed online here:


And of course... Marble Sheep and PCWS are at the M Room in Philly tomorrow with Kohoutek!

(argh, how do I make that top video fit my margins!?)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Marble Sheep & Plastic Crimewave Sound Nov 2009 USA Tour Again

Thanks to comment from ark, here are the dates for the Marble Sheep/ Plastic Crimewave Sound with addresses, times and such! Wooo!

*11/03--Chicago--The Whistler w/Great Society Mind Destroyers, 9:30pm
*11/04--Detroit--Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit (5141 Rosa Parks Blvd.) w/Frustrations Katt Hernandez/Eve Risser and Darkred (ex-Paik), 8pm
*11/05--Pittsburgh--The Nerve (500 Dargan Street at Minerva St.) w/Dire Wolves, 7pm (yes, an early show)
11/06 bethlehem, pa secret arts space. with fursaxa and we have heaven
*11/07--Philadelphia--The M Room (15 W. Girard Ave) w/Kohoutek and Gondola, 9:30pm
*11/08--Brooklyn--The Knitting Factory (361 Metropolitan Ave.) w/No Neck Blues Band and 12000 Trees, 8pm
*11/09--Brooklyn-Matchless bar (557 Manhattan Ave.) w/Verily White Hills and Slasher Risk, 8:30pm
*11/10--Baltimore--Golden West Cafe (1105 W.36th St) w/Mother Sun Flower (mem. of Flying Eyes), 10pm
*11/11--Cleveland--Now That's Class (11213 Detroit Ave, Cleveland OH 44102) w/Puffy Areolas and Flat Can Co.,10pm

(go Phillies!)