Sunday, November 8, 2009

Marble Sheep, Plastic Crimewave Sound, Kohoutek: M Room Philly Nov 7 2009

Day two of the Eastern PA Marble Sheep/Plastic Crimewave tour landed at the M Room in Philly! Woo! We were kinda burnt from the awesome whirl of the night before in Bethlehem but hopes and excitement was high for this one. After the usual scramble for parking, we rolled in and hung out with Prophase Mike and Kenzinger pints.

Kohoutek played a great heavy set with Clint from Bardo Pond on bass. The tribal jam action mixed with Monster Magnet big riffs sometimes bouncing around, joined by blasts of musically murky noise, kinda like that Boris and Merzbow live album. The blasts were big and echoed around the small space, more like clouds than lasers. A really peppy set that found them hitting pockets of greatness regularly. Mike mentioned a bit of shoegaze and I can definitely see that as well. Regardless, every Kohoutek gig is different, so don't miss any!

Sean from The Twin Atlas rolled in and we were stoked to see him. Plastic Crimewave Sound kicked out the jams as they say. The definitely benefited from a better sound system than the night before, Steve's vocals were actually audible so that was cool. That said, I have to concur with Mike again, it was a darker vibe from them, mixing a bit more snarl, putting more of the punk in the space punk, but more angry noise too. Regardless, they still had tons of chaos mixing some Altamont with, uh, I don't know, the Playboy Mansion?

After a stroll outside, we headed in for Marble Sheep, the long running psychedelic institution from Japan. Their wild and woolly show from the night before was still making our ears ring, but I couldn't help but get up front once again, who knows when this will happen again? Another powered up, high energy set, again the sound was a bit better in some ways, but the way the dual drums filled up the space in Bethlehem was tough to beat. Similar set as the night before, again hitting that super rock tribal high regularly. Space Punk indeed! I have to admit, watching them work it two nights in a row definitely winded me and I was just watching. Go see the rest of the tour if you can!! We snagged some merch (the Sheep's merch table rivals Acid Mothers Temple's!) and said our goodbyes and got pics with Captain Trip head honcho Ken and all that jazz to a slow motion drive home listening to the Clipse while rolling past Club Plush!

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