Saturday, April 28, 2012

Asahito Nanjo - M (LA-045)

Another recently digitized cassette, this one is a solo album from the La Musica man, the High Rise heavy, the Mainliner main man, Asahito Nanjo! This one is labeled as LA-045 and here is the description from the La Musica catalog:
045. ASAHITO NANJO / M A compilation of secret projects recorded over a period of twenty years. Deeply personal music that achieves a strange balance between beat folk baladry and off-key mumbling. Suggestive self-celebratory music conceived as a confirmation of existence.
That said, the sleeve seems to indicate that this was recorded live in one sitting, but the pieces were written in the 80s. "Recorded live in 89" and the players are:

Nanjo Asahito - Guitar, vocals
Matsucka Takashi - Piano, electronics

Some very beautiful and quiet Nanjo stuff, not the overload of Mainliner, etc. A total confirmation of existance!

Asahito Nanjo - M (LA-045) FLAC
                       - MP3

Note: All of the music is on both, but track 3 was a burn error and is not included.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Harry Pussy April 24 1997 Balcony, Philadelphia PA

Finally got around to digitizing some cassettes and this one, 25 minutes of live Harry Pussy, while pretty grimey it is better than I recall it sounding at the time. I don't remember much of this show, I know the Hale Bopp Noise Ensemble opened up and I think the No Neck Blues Band played, too, but not positive on that. I am not sure if I recorded this inside of a messenger bag or if the sound guy (Art maybe?) let me set up Eric or Art's handheld deal by the soundboard. Regardless, it was recorded at the Balcony in Philly.

 Anyways, I was and still am a huge mark for Harry Pussy and they were so over the top awesome to see. 

Thanks to Acid Punks for giving the audio a bit of a cleansing, too! Divided into two parts, first of which is 4 minutes or so, second is 20 minutes.

FLAC format: Harry Pussy April 24 1997 Balcony, Philadelphia PA