Saturday, February 19, 2011

Acid Mothers Sunday Vol 34: Okami No Jikan - Psychedelic Atmosphere Beatnik Tour '98

Back in 1998 Nanjo Asahito brought High Rise to the USA and played the Astrocade in Philadelphia, probably my all time fave Philly venue. An anything goes warehouse with great vibes and friendly hosts... and video games. Some of my best memories of those times took place in that warehouse, including the insanely good vibes of the Dealers/Photon Band/Lenola show.

I am pretty sure this was the first of two times I saw High Rise, but I was super duper excited for the "special opening set by Mainliner," whom I had seen in NYC in 1997 and I was (and still am) obsessed with their heavy duty debut Mellow Out, perhaps the be all end all of noiserock (with an emphasis on rock). As they set up... Nanjo strapped on a Rickenbacher guitar (!) and Ed Farnsworth, who was drumming for Bardo Pond at the time was behind the kit... the wild haired guitarist, Kawabata was no where to be seen, so I was a tad "eh" as this was not really Mainliner. I didn't have my Japanese psych trading cards complete set yet, so I didn't know anything about Nanjo's floating lineup slow jamming mystical project, Ohkami No Jikan. While not sounding like Mainliner at all, I was totally hooked on Nanjo's ultra echo'd and effected guitar, insanely loud and filling up tons of space in the warehouse, wind tunneling that shit, yo! My buzzed out brain was hypnotized by the fuzzed out, icy cold sounds from deep space. Shimura Koji is on bass and you may know him from drumming with the recent line up Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Parasio UFO. The rest of the night was great, Bardo and Mikey Wild were awesome and High Rise were punk as hell, but that opening set was the highlight for me and stuck with me for years. Fast forward a few years and I picked up Steal Space Underground CDr boxset on Nanjo's La Musica label and this set was included on the Psychedelic Atmosphere Beatnik USA Tour 98 disc. Not sure who recorded it, but the sound is quite good and totally Nanjo'd. Also on this disc was another Ohkami Set from 1998 with Nice Pooper pal Mason Jones and Chris Van Huffle sitting in with Nanjo and Shimura. I have included that set as well.

These are FLAC files as I have been getting requests for those recently, split into three parts:

Ohkami No Jikan - Unforgiven (Live Nov 16 1998, Cocodrie, SF, CA + Flyers)

Ohkami No Jikan - Aruji (Live Nov 1 1998 Astrocade Philadelphia)

Ohkami No Jikan - Koko (Live Nov 1 1998 Astrocade Philadelphia)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Residents Spring 2011 Tour

Wooo hoo... more of Randy's Ghost stories... April Fool's Day in Philly!

The Residents Spring 2011 Tour Dates
Tuesday, March 15 - Lunario del Auditorio Nacional - Mexico City, Mexico
Thursday, March 17 - Wonder Ballroom - Portland, OR
Friday, March 18 - Neumo's - Seattle, WA
Saturday, March 19 - Rickshaw Theater - Vancouver, BC
Monday, March 21 - Myer Horowitz Theater - Edmonton, ALB
Tuesday, March 22 - Uptown Theater - Calgary, ALB
Thursday, March 24 - West End Cultural Center - Winnipeg, MN
Friday, March 25 - Cedar Cultural Center - Minneapolis, MN
Saturday, March 26 - Museum of Contemporary Art - Chicago, IL
Monday, March 28 - The Mod Club - Toronto, ONT
Tuesday, March 29 - Club Soda - Montreal PQ
Wednesday, March 30 - Somerville Theater - Boston, MA
Thursday, March 31 - Highline Ballroom - New York, NY
Friday, April 1 - World Café Live - Philadelphia, PA
Monday, April 4 - Variety Playhouse - Atlanta, GA
Tuesday, April 5 - Republic New Orleans - New Orleans, LA
Wednesday, April 6 - Mohawk - Austin, TX
Thursday, April 9 - El Rey Theater - Los Angeles, CA
Friday, April 15 & Saturday, April 16 - Bimbo's - San Francisco, CA
Saturday, May 14 - The Roundhouse - London, England *Mute Festival