Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dark Sea Dream - Behind The Eyes

Trust Aquarian hipped me to Dark Sea Dream after encountering them at the DC stop of the Yahowha 13 East Coast tour in 2009. I am not sure if he actually said the words "wind tunnel," but that sticks out for some reason. His tales of the band hitting insanely loud peaks, taking the best trance inducing aspects of showgazey stuff with long jams sounded right up my alley for sure, though I didn't get to see them and still haven't... one of these days. Anyways, part of the intrigue was that the Yahowha 13 dudes absolutely loved 'em and Trust said they were zoning out and grooving with the vibes in a most awesome manner... The live recordings and CDr I heard were pretty great, as were the tales of their SXSW domination. And of course the house jams Trust captured with the Dark Sea Dream dudes jamming with Yahowha 13, Janina Angel Bath and Grant Hart! The Prophase Power Boogie Band!

Hopefully those recordings and something new coming this year on Prophase. Also in the hopefully category, an appearance on the often-delayed psych Grateful Dead covers comp I have been putting together. This live jam is from their limited to 100 CDr 2010 SXSW tour CD. Totally reminds me of a bleak(er) Crazy Horse or David Crosby's "Cowboy Movie" (a jam they turned Trust on to, who then laid it on me, definitely a glaring hole in my burnt collection!) on a slow boil. Some depths of Fushitshua vocals and I am on board for sure. The studio (I think) version of the same song from their Harsh Times CDr is longer and has a different mood, and I recommend it as well.

Dark Sea Dream - Behind The Eyes (live)

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Tobacco Man

Watched parts of Redneck Zombies last night, haven't seen it in years. First time I saw it, I was crazy do'sed, blew my mind!! Anyways, this scene still terrifies me and weirds me out... bad vibes!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Acid Mothers Sunday Vol 24: Zu-Kanka live March 15 2001 Nagoya Japan

I am not sure when or with whom I traded for this one, but I got this in the early 2000s and digitized it around then as well. Not much info to to go on, but a great live recording (soundboard? I have no idea of the lineage, sorry) of a short-lived Makoto Kawabata project featuring Shoji Hano on drums and Koji Shimura on bass.

The sound is jazzy, which makes sense considering Hano's background (Derek Baily, Peter Brotzmann, Nicky Scopelitis), though he also played and toured with High Rise. Similar to Musica Transonic but much less fuzz frenzy and lots more fluid. It sounds improvised as riffs get teased and taken over and under, jamming if you will. And yes, that is the Latino Cool of current Melting Paraiso drummer, Koji Shimura on bass! Definitely a surprise, but some searching reveals he did some time as White Heaven's bass player in the nineties. His playing is bouncy and deft, very different from Nanjo/Musica Transonic's bludgeon bass. Kawabata's playing is very clean, Fender Strat with little effects. Almost funky in parts. They also do a few songs twice, not really sure why on that either. If anyone knows anything more about this, please drop a line. Otherwise, enjoying some of the more trad end of Kawabata's playing with two of Japan's best drummers (though one is playing bass).

Zu-Kanka - Live March 15 2001 Tokuzo Nagoya Japan

Makoto Kawabata - Guitar
Shoji Hano - Drums, Vocals
Koji Shimura - Bass

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Acid Mothers Temple UK & Euro Tour May and June 2010

Here you go! Go see them, the North American tour has been awesome!

May 20 Spazio 211, Turin - Italy
May 21 Festintenda, Mortegliano (UD) - Italy
May 22 CSC, S.Vito di Leguzzano (VI) - Italy
May 25 Corsica Studios, London - UK
May 26 Hare & Hounds, Birmingham - UK
May 27 Engine Room, Brighton - UK
May 28 The Croft, Bristol - UK
May 30 Bullingdon Army, Oxford - UK
Jun 01 Oetinger Villa, Darmstadt - Germany
Jun 02 La Zone, LiïÈe - Belgium
Jun 03 Villette Sonique Festival, Paris - France
Jun 04 Sala Caracol, Madrid - Spain
Jun 05 Ground Festival, Lyon - France

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Acid Mothers Temple: April 9 2010 Philly Johnny Brenda's (lame photos)

Alas, my pics came out pretty crappy, the smoke machine kinda blazed out my resolution or some shit... but damn, it was quite a show for sure. We rolled down with Trust Aquarian behind the wheel, got that door to door treatment! I was insanely excited after the super awesome show in Brooklyn on Wednesday and it was good to be back on home turf with lots of pals and such in the crowd. It was a Stoudt's Gold night for me and we quaffed while blabbing with a visiting Lux and the 1994 West Philly Posse.

After some beers and smokes, we headed upstairs just as the show was about to sell out, but hey thanks Jasso from Over-Gain Opitmal Death for the guest list action, much appreciated! Very crowded, but a nice buzz had me cutting through this silliness to a nice spot in the back for the ultra Mainliner tribute buzzsaw action of OGOD. Serious riff damage, ala High Rise and the whole Nanjo world, very very black and burnt!

More beers and then up front for Acid Mothers! Loud as always, the force of the amps blew some foam off my pint! A great opening jam lead to some weird free jazz spazz improv stuff, a battle between Tsuyama and Kawabata. If the Brooklyn show was like Pink Floyd (the jams all bled together for me, one long trance throb whirl), the Philly show was like the free jazz improv noise night. Lots of clashing sounds and spastics and Tsuyama on sax, crazy! My dessert really started to kick in just in time for a killer "Pink Lady Lemonade" with the now-its-a-song "The End" jam in the middle. Things really took off on the space rock tip after this with a long Krauty "Cometary Orbital" into "Speed Guru" with Kawabata swinging his guitar, hanging it from the speakers... and pulling out another guitar and continuing the jams! A massive "Dark Stars in the Dazzling Sky" encore and we were spent! Damn! Lots of talk with Jasso and the AMT guys and their driver Justin and pics and beers and finally it was time for the Prophase limo to drop us back up to the psychkave. My ears are still ringing and I am wading through a shit load of merch and thinking about going to see them tonight in Baltimore... Bang Bang!!

UPDATE: Some video of the opening jam courtesy of Ivymike777!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Yahowha 13 - 2013

So, just in time for the Prophase/Alien8 showcase at SXSW, Trust Aquarian got it together and turned around this 2CD/1DVD package from the Yahowha 13 recordings and films from the last year. One disc is live tracks from their 2009 East Coast tour, one disc is studio tracks recorded at Welfare Line studios on that that same 2009 jaunt. Check out the live jam "Can We Go Now?" at the bottom of this post.

The DVD is about 20 minutes and was shot during the same time, featuring interviews and live footage. It is a short, but very well done and an awesome introduction to the band, but holds lots of cool moments (and even some answers!) for old fans as well. Everyone I know who has seen it has been blown away; the only complaint being "more, please!" The 3 disc digipack has some wild liner notes from Djin, too. Check it out:

This timely and spontaneous drawing forth of the divine creative consciousness in sound from YaHoWha13 is titled “YAHOWHA 2013” for several reasons. It is in alignment with a popular current topic of human interest concerning the Mayan Calendar from which the date of 2012, of this millennium, is indicated figuratively as a time of a “new or renewing sun” by the Mayan elders (heaven knows we could use a renewal) when their 5700 year old calendar’s dating comes to an end. This is where we, “The Aging of Aquarius”, survivors of the 60’s re-awakening to the Age of the Water Bearer, might actually have a second coming. What’s the Aquarian Age? It’s when the prevailing mental attitudes upon the Goddess Earth emanating from that galactic sector of intelligence causes people to find it easier to be at peace, compassionate and in acceptance of one another, among other virtues, one to one and nation to nation.


This one is an edition of 500 with about 300 left after SXSW. You can get via the Prophase site here. Some of these jams may appear on forthcoming releases in a differently mastered form, but we shall see. For now though... don't sleep on this one!

Yahowha 13 - Can We Go Now?
Recorded live March 2009