Saturday, April 10, 2010

Acid Mothers Temple: April 9 2010 Philly Johnny Brenda's (lame photos)

Alas, my pics came out pretty crappy, the smoke machine kinda blazed out my resolution or some shit... but damn, it was quite a show for sure. We rolled down with Trust Aquarian behind the wheel, got that door to door treatment! I was insanely excited after the super awesome show in Brooklyn on Wednesday and it was good to be back on home turf with lots of pals and such in the crowd. It was a Stoudt's Gold night for me and we quaffed while blabbing with a visiting Lux and the 1994 West Philly Posse.

After some beers and smokes, we headed upstairs just as the show was about to sell out, but hey thanks Jasso from Over-Gain Opitmal Death for the guest list action, much appreciated! Very crowded, but a nice buzz had me cutting through this silliness to a nice spot in the back for the ultra Mainliner tribute buzzsaw action of OGOD. Serious riff damage, ala High Rise and the whole Nanjo world, very very black and burnt!

More beers and then up front for Acid Mothers! Loud as always, the force of the amps blew some foam off my pint! A great opening jam lead to some weird free jazz spazz improv stuff, a battle between Tsuyama and Kawabata. If the Brooklyn show was like Pink Floyd (the jams all bled together for me, one long trance throb whirl), the Philly show was like the free jazz improv noise night. Lots of clashing sounds and spastics and Tsuyama on sax, crazy! My dessert really started to kick in just in time for a killer "Pink Lady Lemonade" with the now-its-a-song "The End" jam in the middle. Things really took off on the space rock tip after this with a long Krauty "Cometary Orbital" into "Speed Guru" with Kawabata swinging his guitar, hanging it from the speakers... and pulling out another guitar and continuing the jams! A massive "Dark Stars in the Dazzling Sky" encore and we were spent! Damn! Lots of talk with Jasso and the AMT guys and their driver Justin and pics and beers and finally it was time for the Prophase limo to drop us back up to the psychkave. My ears are still ringing and I am wading through a shit load of merch and thinking about going to see them tonight in Baltimore... Bang Bang!!

UPDATE: Some video of the opening jam courtesy of Ivymike777!

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