Saturday, April 3, 2010

Yahowha 13 - 2013

So, just in time for the Prophase/Alien8 showcase at SXSW, Trust Aquarian got it together and turned around this 2CD/1DVD package from the Yahowha 13 recordings and films from the last year. One disc is live tracks from their 2009 East Coast tour, one disc is studio tracks recorded at Welfare Line studios on that that same 2009 jaunt. Check out the live jam "Can We Go Now?" at the bottom of this post.

The DVD is about 20 minutes and was shot during the same time, featuring interviews and live footage. It is a short, but very well done and an awesome introduction to the band, but holds lots of cool moments (and even some answers!) for old fans as well. Everyone I know who has seen it has been blown away; the only complaint being "more, please!" The 3 disc digipack has some wild liner notes from Djin, too. Check it out:

This timely and spontaneous drawing forth of the divine creative consciousness in sound from YaHoWha13 is titled “YAHOWHA 2013” for several reasons. It is in alignment with a popular current topic of human interest concerning the Mayan Calendar from which the date of 2012, of this millennium, is indicated figuratively as a time of a “new or renewing sun” by the Mayan elders (heaven knows we could use a renewal) when their 5700 year old calendar’s dating comes to an end. This is where we, “The Aging of Aquarius”, survivors of the 60’s re-awakening to the Age of the Water Bearer, might actually have a second coming. What’s the Aquarian Age? It’s when the prevailing mental attitudes upon the Goddess Earth emanating from that galactic sector of intelligence causes people to find it easier to be at peace, compassionate and in acceptance of one another, among other virtues, one to one and nation to nation.


This one is an edition of 500 with about 300 left after SXSW. You can get via the Prophase site here. Some of these jams may appear on forthcoming releases in a differently mastered form, but we shall see. For now though... don't sleep on this one!

Yahowha 13 - Can We Go Now?
Recorded live March 2009

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