Friday, November 6, 2009

Marble Sheep tonight!! Bethlehem!

Tonight's the night, yo!

The long long long awaited Marble Sheep USA tour is underway and the ship lands tonight in Bethlehem. Drop a line if you need directions!

Also tonight... Plastic Crimewave Sound, We Have Heaven and Fursaxa... it is truly a dream show!!! Just Stay On The Up Side!!!!

UPDATE: Tonight's show will be streamed online here:


And of course... Marble Sheep and PCWS are at the M Room in Philly tomorrow with Kohoutek!

(argh, how do I make that top video fit my margins!?)


Anonymous said...

so looking forward to this too! I'll see them two nights in NYC! Any idea about what material they are playing so hoping for some oldies "Cement Woman" "Hawks Out" "Fish" "I'm Just Staring At The Upside"

nicepooperzine said...

hey anonymous! here is last night for download:

no oldies as far as i could tell, but i had to exit before the very end... that said, their newer stuff makes a lot more sense after seeing them live!

theeasysubcult said...

hey dudes, they played "ancient wind" in bethlehem...
andyp, me and the secret space womyn wanna do ACID MOTHERS whenever they tour again. do you know when that is?
i was hiking this morning alone and thinking how beautiful an AMT, MOSS ICON (theyre back supposedly), DRAGON TURTLE & WHH show would be. especially at secret art space.

secret space is doing an AWESOME COLOR, PLASTICCRIMEWAVE, WHH show sometime in future too.