Saturday, November 7, 2009

Marble Sheep, Plastic Crimewave Sound, Fursaxa, We Have Heaven Bethlehem Nov 6 2009

Great show last night in Bethlehem featuring great sets from all four freak outfits which have magically been preserved for download here.

Don't forget, Marble Sheep, Plastic Crimewave Sound, Kohoutek and Gondola at the M Room in Philly tonight, Saturday Nov 7!

We rolled up after work and while looking for the place, we saw some Japanese freaks crossing the street and going into a bar so we knew we were close. Saw Eric Raw Pogo and parked and hit the same bar (and you can smoke there!)for some beers and watching the Sheep hold court before heading over to the space, a cool basement with couches and murals, ya know.

We Have Heaven were great, stripped to a three piece of two guitars and drums. Shimmering chimey guitar chugging in that early Spacemen 3 school of drone, really connected tonight. After heading out for a smoke and such, we rolled back in all smiles for an amazing piece from Fursaxa. I haven't see Tara perform in ages and this simple set up of sampler (etc) and bells and voice was really powerful and perfect. Swirling layers of sound, filling up the room; the lights and shadows playing all over the walls, really meshing everything together. We were totally blown away and stunned after her short performance. Definitely needed some fresh air and thought collecting, Tara's music totally took my brain out of a cinderblock basement and into some sorta time travelish void, nothing super out there, daydreaming but being nudged along by the sound and vision...

After that fresh air, we rolled in for our first sight of the new Plastic Crimewave Sound, new bass player and Crimewave's bro on second guitar. Super psychy crunch, a bit more noise and way more heaviosity from that SG using bro. A weird inversion of the Djin & Plastic Crimewave Sound tour from last year, this one was more like Tony Iommi Wayne Kramer sitting in with the Sound. Super riffage with way effected solos and noise.

Couldn't believe I was actually gonna see Marble Sheep... One of thee first Japanese psych bands I got into, never thought I would actually see them live. So excited! Right up front for the weirdness... Captain Trip records head Ken on guitar and vocals and then... two drummers... SG rocking clown... and a leopard gal on bass. It made no sense, it was great! While I will always love the G.Dead era of the Sheep, their new stuff made a lot more sense after witnessing the deal live. Full on tribal killer space psych, definitely hitting on hard rock with big ass riffs and overloaded effects kinda like Hawkwind. Definitely cramming a ton of sounds into a small space, propelled by the two drummers vs the two guitarists while the leopard bass held down the down. Total frenzy that was really fun but taking some super frying trips into inner space. So worth the wait. So awesome.

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