Friday, July 18, 2008

Blog Bitez LOLZ II !

I am still kinda new to reading mp3 blogs and I get all excited when I stumble across one from one of my favorite fanzine writers from the 90s (or 80s or 70s). This week I found myself on Jay Hinman's Detailed Twang all breathlessly reading old posts and such. Jay did Super Dope fanzine back in the 90s, always one of the best reads out there. Many happy days spent in my bedrooms at the Punk Haus and the New Wave Condo, sitting in A/C and smoked out, reading and re-reading Super Dope and tracking down the records he wrote about. I must have read his Brainbombs interview like 50 times. Anyways, lots of great posts and mp3s, and yes I know I am insanely late to the party on this kind of stuff, hell this is Jay's second blog, even! I was all excited to see a positive Birds of Maya mention in the midst of Monster Magnet post, awesome!

In non-music, but totally psychedelic, my pal Rusty is writing about his stint at Indian Echo Caverns this week on his blog. IEC was my first job and where I met Rusty. His recollections are pretty spot on and I hope this winds up being a week plus of posts, as it is insanely entertaining and quite good to see some of the stories/characters we have been blabbing about for over 20 years at least getting some historical due. And yeah, that dude Russ really was as insane, if not more, than he sounds like from Rusty's writings. It was a fucked up job and totally something I could never do again (I knew that by the next summer), I am not sure how I did it to begin with, but in a bizarre way it was part of the summer of age 16 that totally molded me (laid, 'cid, smoke, first job/own money, older friends...ok some of that happened summer of 15, but you know...). Anyways, it is totally psychedelic b/c I was doing 'cid back then a lot, but not at the actual caves. More later, perhaps, but definitely check out Rusty's musing on the deal.

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