Sunday, July 12, 2009

90s... Pork Queen... Strapping Field Hands

Weird baked 90s lazy Sunday here in the Nice Pooper mansion, spent a day watching the Phils beat the Bucs whilst reading an old issue of Browbeat, that one with the big Metal Machine Music run down and such... which in turn made me dig out some old Pork Queen stuff on Trackshun Industries. The scrape and weirdness and all that jazz... found the vinyl I was listening to at WFMU's blog, with an interesting "what the fuck?" nugget about Trackshun/Pork Queen mastermind Justice Schanfarber was/is a marriage and relationship counselor. Also, check out the Noggin/Pork Queen split LP here at X Ray Barbecue. This in turn led me down one of those internet rabbit holes that dumped me at what may be thee album of 1991-1998 Philadelphia, the Strapping Field Hands' debut Discus found here at the You Shall Know Our Discography blog. Rumors abound about the Fields Hands reforming and man, that would be awes, let's break Dan Gill out, ship Wayne Nagy up, and hit the Khyber! Here is an interview with the Field Hands from the original Nice Pooper zine from 1994.

MORE: And keeping with the theme, here is another huge fave from that same 91-98 Philly era... the Temple of Bon Matin's debut LP on Siltbreeze, Thunder, Feedback and Confusion at the Decrepit Tapes Blog. No secret that this is my fave version of the Temple, saw them countless times back then, at the Punk Haus, Khyber, Pi Lam... yep. Anyways, this is the lineup with Mark Lux who now basses it in the Plastic Crimewave Sound. Their most Hawkwindy and grunge record, for sure... they never quite sounded like this again, alas. Awwright, tune in WKDU, turn up the A/C and bust out the new issue of Muckraker!

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