Thursday, July 2, 2009


A few things in the next few weeks... tonight is Sonic Youth at the Electric Factory in Philly. I am really digging their new album, so sneak some pot in and find me. Thanks!

The Photon Band and Pink Skull and Black Landlord and a bunch of other bands are playing that Piazza in NOLIBS were those two people got executed the other week. That one is July 4th starting at 2 pm. I will be at the Phils/Mets game. F the Mets. No shit, right?

Outside of Philly, on July 9th, in Chicago is Plastic Crimewave's Million Tongues festival featuring none other than the most incredible band in the land, Yahowa 13!

Yahowa 13 are also rocking the Ottawa Blues Fest on July 11 too.

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