Sunday, July 26, 2009

Acid Mothers Sunday vol 16: Shogo-Nari & Kawabata Makoto

For this volume of Acid Mothers Sunday we have a rather obscure CDR that I got through Eclipse Records a few years ago and seems to have gone out of print rather quickly. This one was on Zakuro Records and I can't find much info beyond "limited edition, available only at gigs" on Shogo-Nari is a male/female folky duo and this live CD features Kawabata from Acid Mothers Temple on some sublime and gorgeous electric guitar coloring. Some real acid folk! Finally! Somewhat intense vocals and a mellow base of fragile keyboards and guitar round out a rather full sound, with Kawabata not hogging the spotlight at all, but still totally making his presence felt.

This is also the same band known as Syogonari who put out two CDS, both produced by Kawabata. I am not sure the difference in name, but their second CD, Black Blues is fantastic. That said, this live CDR recorded Jan 11 2004 at Kaccyo-buu, Matsusaka, Mie is a more... real listening for me. The recording is excellent and the vibe is very confident and psychedelic as well.

Also, check out this awesome interview with Syogonari/Shogo-Nari with long time Nice Pooper pal, Kevin McCaighy from issue 5 of his awesome and highly recommended fanzine SALT!

I am still trying out the FLAC stuff here, so this one is gonna be in multiple parts...

Shogo-Nari & Kawabata Live Jan 11 2004 part 1

Shogo-Nari & Kawabata Live Jan 11 2004 part 2
Shogo-Nari & Kawabata Live Jan 11 2004 part 3

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