Thursday, November 8, 2007

UP-TIGHT @ the Vacuum Nov 16

The awesome and depressing dark psych (what?) UP-TIGHT are coming to Philadelphia. They are playing the Vacuum on Nov 16. Haven't been to the venue before, the area looks a bit bleak, which should suit UP-TIGHT. Then again, I am thinking of Cecil B. Moore Ave. in like 1995, so... who knows. Bardo Pond, Paul Metzger and Kohoutek also on the bill.

UP-TIGHT are definitely my faves of the new deal "dark psych" scene in Japan that seems heavily influenced by Les Rallizes Denudes, Fushitsusha and Okami No Jikan. Long jams of distorto guitar mixed with some 3rd LP Velvetsness. Kinda. I am so excited to actually see them live!

Here are some UP-TIGHT jams. Enjoy

UP-TIGHT- At 2:00 AM, I Am Waiting For Someone (from the Five Psychedelic Pieces CD)

UP-TIGHT- Key of Assesion (from the Live 2003 CDr)

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Mason said...

Thanks for spreading the word! Up-Tight are an awesome band, hope there's a great turnout (which there should be for that amazing lineup).