Sunday, November 11, 2007

DTO last night

Went to see DTO (Doomed to Obscurity) at the Khyber last night for their record release show.

Lots of old heads and Lancaster folks including Punk Haus alumni Roast and Kitschchao drummer Dave, and the twins, Melanie and Rebecca! Alas, no Dan Gill, though. Awesomely great class of '93 vibes for sure. And DTO were a ton better than the only other time I saw them; they are now a totally right on ROCK band. Chris and Jason are totally slamming guitar players and that singer dude, Billy (who was on a crutch because he fell off a roof), has really fit into their sound great.

Olde City is just so fucking great these days, I mean, yeah, no shit, but really. So awes. As I was walking back to my car I witnessed a spiraling out of control fight that almost wound up in the street. Luckily a nice constable stopped by and produced his tazer just as things were getting a tad scary. Which is ok, because I don't think I would have had my camera ready in time anyways.

Here are some DTO pics from the show. You can get their CD and Tshirts through their myspace, I assume? I will post more pics on the regular Nice Pooper photo page in the next week.

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douglas said...

...and Roger is such a great bassist!