Monday, November 5, 2007

First Post/DTO @ the Khyber Nov 10

Ok, so yeah, I said I hate blogs... but I really want to hear that Satoh Masahiko "Amalgamation" CD that is written up in Julian Cope's JAPROCKSAMPLER book, so I figure if I have a music blog, I will get more in the know regarding other music blogs and when they post stuff to download and won't be stuck looking at year old links to Rallizes stuff. So yeah, if you have access to "Amalgamation," lemme know!

That said, yes this is the blog for the 90s to 2001 Philly zine, Nice Pooper. I will be posting various mp3s and babbling about said mp3s and maybe posting old Nice Pooper stuff (though some is available at the Pooper website).

Since Nice Pooper will be forever tied to Kitschchao, I should mention that guitarist Jason Clouser's post KC band, DTO are playing the Khyber on Nov 10 2007. Dudes from the Red Paint People (and Wicked Finger!) and Underagga are also in the band. Class of 1993, y'all.

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