Sunday, November 25, 2007

Acid Mothers Sunday Vol 2

These two jams are spaced out overload as only the firing-on-all-cylinders 2002 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Parisio UFO could deliver. This is still my fave tour, the Magical Ministry tour. Once again Cotton Casino was still a huge part of the band. Her chanting, singing, smoking, drinking, shoes, synth playing, vibe... everything was even more out there than even this bunch of super tall timeless spacemen. And they played the Khyber twice that year! Both shows were a wonderful smoked out haze, but the October show was particularly awesome. These two songs are from the Empty Bottle in Chicago on October 20th, 2002. Not sure who taped it, but it is a good audience recording, but I am not super picky about stuff like that like. Both songs are kinda rare on the live Acid Mothers shows floating around. "Soleil De Cristal et Lune D'argent" was the main piece on their then current album Univers Zen Ou De Zéro A Zéro. The slow bouzouki fractal riff intro features Cotton chanting from another dimension as she rides her space synth in and out of time. The whirling dervish jam that follows is massive; you can hear Kawabata ditch the bouzouki for his electric guitar and take the already spiraling groove to a higher plane. Hard hitting spastic drummer Uki Eiji locks in with Hiroshi, Tsuyama and Cotton and sub-Sabbaths the place up. And this is how they opened the show!

"Loved and Confused" is from the Electric Heavyland album. Absolute riff destruction, the closest Acid Mothers Temple ever got to Mainliner, and this definitely coulda been on a Mainliner La Musica cassette, no doubt. Cotton punks it up while Kawabata grinds the main riff into a spaced out free jazz skronk. Jagged blasts of wah wah'd guitar circling the drain as flying saucers land in the background. And Bill Ward eats Art Blakey. After a slight pause to huff glue, the backwards, been-strangled riff returns to drag its knuckles and cause a fuss before finally flopping over in a pile of beer and limited edition CDrs. So yeah! The whole show can be downloaded here. These pics are from the same tour, the Khyber in Philadelphia, October 18 2002.

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Parisio UFO- Soleil De Cristal et Lune D'argent (Live Empty Bottle, Chicago Oct 20 2002)

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Parisio UFO- Loved and Confused (Live Empty Bottle, Chicago Oct 20 2002)

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