Wednesday, October 24, 2012

La Musica Mystery Box Mystery Solved! La Musica Tapes Vol 3

While going through some old magazines, I found the info sheets from a long ago trade that correspond to the La Musica Mystery Box mentioned here and here. As theorized in the those posts, the info sheets do correspond to La Musica Tapes Vol 3 with the catalog numbers LMB 061-070. That said, the sheets are numbered, but I don't think they correspond completely to the discs. Oi.

Download links for each disc and all of the info sheets at the bottom of the post, but here are my theories on the discs/sheets. Please leave comments if you can help me figure this stuff out! If you can translate any of the Japanese stuff for any of the comps, please post!

Disc One - I think this one is a comp, the only name I can see from the info sheet is Holy Angels. It looks like the info sheet was ripped off from this.

Disc Two - I think this corresponds to the info sheet 2

Disc 3 - Corresponds to info sheet 3

Disc 4 - This is where things get tricky. The info sheet for disc 4 lists 3 tracks by Yamasa. The actual disc has 6 tracks, so I am not sure what this disc is exactly or what info sheet it corresponds to.

Disc 5 - This one has 3 tracks so I think it corresponds to info sheet 4, Yamasa.

Disc 6 - This one has 8 tracks so I think it matches info sheet 5, Kukuri Gakudan.

Disc 7 - Not sure on this one.

Disc 8 - Not sure on this one.

Disc 9 - Kind of sounds like Holy Angels, but I am not sure.

Disc 10 - This one has four tracks and seems like a compilation, so I think it corresponds to info sheet 10.

Disc One
Disc Two
Disc Three
Disc Four
Disc Five
Disc Six
Disc Seven
Disc Eight
Disc Nine
Disc Ten

La Musica Tapes Vol 3 Info Sheets


Matt A said...

Wow, thanks a lot for this! It's really amazing.

My Japanese isn't really very good, but I can give you the band lists for the comps:

disc one:
1. スワノセ曼陀羅 Suwanose Mandala
2. 自由民権 Jiyuh Minken (this band also seems to play on discs 2 & 3)
3. 免罪符 Menzaifu
4. Holy Angels
5. 部族 Buzoku (The Tribes)

disc ten:
1. きのこ Kinoko (or Mushroom?)
2. スワノセ曼陀羅 Suwanose Mandala
3. 鳥男 Torio (?) (or Bird Man? I'm not at all sure about this one)
4. 卍 Manji

Disc one matches up nicely with the description of the box from your previous posts, but disc ten doesn't match so well (I'm confident about Suwanose Mandala & Manji, since I've heard of those bands, but I've not at all sure about Torio (?) or Kinoko, though I'm at least sure that Kinoko, unlike Torio, is the correct pronunciation).

Lassiter said...

Disc 1 and 3 don't seem to be loading from MF for me. I don't get a prompt or anything - the rest work fine. :)

nicepooperzine said...

Hi Matt, thanks a billion for the info, much appreciated! If possible could you translate info sheet 9 to see if it matches up with Holy Angels (or something else)? Thanks again!!!

nicepooperzine said...

Hi Lassiter,

I just tried the links and they worked ok. Just click on them. That said, you may have to download each file for disc 3. Let me know if that doesn't work.

Lassiter said...

Those two seem to be stored differently, 'cause I wasn't actually logged into MF but could still get the rest. Anyway, it's all fine now! And thanks so much for this treasure trove! Hunting down La Musica stuff always feels like serious detective work, but that's part of the fun!

nicepooperzine said...

Good deal lassiter, I think they were stored differently as I already had them up for previous posts. Thanks for the kind words, this one in particular was driving me crazy. I was ecstatic when I discovered the info sheets this weekend. They were stored with a bunch of Ugly American fanzines, haha!

Matt A said...

I'll translate sheet nine for you as well as I can, but I can't connect it up to any of the discs - it seems to be either 3 artists or 2 people collaborating on a single song.

さかきななお Sakaki Nanao (this one is easy)

大村和喜 Ōmura Kazuyoshi (?) (this is definitely a Japanese person's name, but it can be difficult to know how to pronounce kanji in personal names. Have you heard of someone with a similar name? The last name is most likely Ōmura, but this could be spelled Ohmura or Ohmura or Oumura or Oomura, etc., and there are many ways of pronouncing the first name, so it could be Kazuyoshi or Yasunobu or something else completely different).

鼻に茸 Hana ni kinoko (or Hana ni take? - either way, it means something like "mushroom (or polyp?) on the nose." I can't tell if this is a group or a song title)

And that's it. The part at the very bottom just says "Nagano Underground Alliance" (which is written on many of the sheets) & "Produced by La Musica Records."

nicepooperzine said...

Matt A,

Thanks so much! I cannot thank you enough for all of the help.

I am stealing "Polyp on the Nose" as my new band name!

Matt A said...

Oh, I think I figured out what the second name is - Kazuki Ohmura. I don't know who that is, exactly, but some googling suggests he was associated with the (legendary?) 70s group the Far East Family Band.

And, yeah, I would definitely go see a band called Polyp on the Nose.

Ivangov said...

Thanks A LOT!!!

Lassiter said...

I can verify that the music on disc 8 is the same as the one listed here, and presumably flyer 8 also matches up with it.

Lassiter said...

Well, mainly the same - I think the four cuts listed on side 2 are all one long track anyway.

nicepooperzine said...

Thanks Lassiter!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear some new La Musica!

This is a truly generous post of rare music for us lovers of psychedelic underground music.

Thanks so much!


nicepooperzine said...

Thanks Dave! I am just sorry it took so long to finally get posted!

link rae said...

dude ? ... wow fonkin' wow !
thank you !

soomdog said...

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