Sunday, October 16, 2011

Acid Mothers Sunday Vol 35: NipponiaNippon & Sakaki Nanao (?)

As I mentioned in the previous post I recently dug out some CDrs and cassettes I haven't checked out in ages. One of finds is a 10 CDr La Musica box I traded for around the millennium. Unfortunately I am not sure what it is exactly, the CDrs are only labeled by number, no info sheets, group names, etc. Nor do I recall who I traded with for this one.

All of the evidence points to La Musica Tapes Vol. 3. Here is a rundown on it:

LMB 061-070 LA MUSICA TAPES vol.3/V.A.
This miracle box set is a comprehensive collection of roots of Japanese psychedelic beatniks musicians since 50's. SAKAKI NANAO & NIPPONIA NIPPON / KUKURI GAKUDAN /
Cult groups & their sects (who indeed desert from society & act underground without
relations from any scene) are introduced. Japanese representative psychedelic underground musicians are fully gathered. Studio & live recordings. Limited edition of 50 copies.

I honestly can't be 100% sure this is the same as the 10 unlabeled CDrs I found, but all things point that way. Some of the recordings are very professional studio sounding and kinda commercial and some are live bootleggy sounding jams. Quite the variety. Since this is the return of Acid Mothers Sunday, it is only fitting to post the one disc (labeled disc 8 on the discs I have) I am fairly certain on, as it contains guest guitar from Makoto Kawabata. Pretty sure this is the NipponiaNippon & Sakaki Nanao disc from La Musica Tapes Vol. 3. The droning sound is very similar to the other NipponiaNippon I have heard. Lots of spaced out, echo'd percussion and stringed instruments with some Japanese spoken word over top, which I assume is poet Sakaki Nanao. Here is some info from Kawabata's web site:

Forms the improv group NIPPONIANIPPON with Yokoyama Mabo and other musicians with links to the Japanese beatnik scene. The group plays mainly outdoors and at temples. They also perform with Japanese beat poet Nanao Sakaki.

And here is some info on the cassette they released:

Collaboration between Japan's only beat poet Nanao Sakaki, and the beatnik improvisation group Nipponianippon. A collection of hymns to the unverse, giving thanks to all the gods for earth, sun, sea, the cosmos.

Not sure if this was released in any other fashion, but this one is two tracks, one clocks in at 20 minutes, the other around 10. Anyway, lots of deep psych and mystical mysticalness. Enjoy! I will be posting some other discs from this box for help identifying. If anyone has this box and knows more about it, please get in touch or leave comments. Definitely get in touch if you have the info sheets that came with La Musica Tapes Vol 3, of if you think this is another La Musica Box, lemme know!

La Musica Mystery Box - Disc 8 - NipponiaNippon & Sakaki Nanao

And for our European friends, don't forget to check out Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO's current tour here!


Anonymous said...

nice music :) . Do you think you will post more from this box ? :P

/ Fredrik aka METEK

nicepooperzine said...

Hi Metak, I am definitely going to post some more from this box. I don't have much of a clue as to what the rest of it is, so hopefully someone can identify the mystery discs. There is one disc that sounds what I imagine Kukuri Gakudan might sound like, so probably that. None of the discs really sound like Holy Angels though... more info/full post coming soon... thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear more from La Musica. And glad to hear that you'll be posting more from the Mystery Box.

I've only been able to find the info you already have, but by the process of elimination,LMB 061-070 LA MUSICA TAPES vol.3/V.A. weems like a pretty safe bet.

Do you, by any chance have a listing of all of the discs in the 10-disc set that followed - LMB 071-080 MUSICA TRANSONIC/WORKS?

The Bleak Bliss blogger (LMB 071-080 MUSICA TRANSONIC/WORKS), who has also posted lots of La Musica, has been looking for it. Maybe you can help each other?


nicepooperzine said...

Hi Dave, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Unfortunately I did not pick up the Musica Transonic box set, so I am not sure what is on it exactly. But would La Musica releases be without all this confusion/frustration, haha. I will be posting more of this mystery box in the near future, hopefully we can all get some closure!