Saturday, April 4, 2009

Acid Mothers Sunday Vol 12: Nipponianippon Live Dec 10 1994

Ok, for this one, I am not even sure what it is, exactly. I traded for this in the early 2000s and honestly can't remember who I got it from or what the exact story is... The info on the tape says it was recorded at the Holy Trip Festival Dec 10 1994 at Tekurinji Temple with no real band name. And of course, the Acid Mothers Temple connection is Kawabata Makoto playing in this configuration. The players are listed, though time has faded the already tiny printing so these are approximations:

Masriya Yokogama - Perc
Tako- Perc
Kawabata - Sarangi
Daiji Sakakibara- Didgeridoo
Numagi - Sitar
Yohda - Syth

The name "Nipponianippon" does not appear anywhere on the tape. I picked that name because the Nipponianippon track on the Acid Mothers Temple Family compilation set, Do Whatever You Want, Don't Do Whatever You Don't Want!! shares as least some of the members as the tape. As Kawabata's liner notes indicate, they did play at temples and the sounds are similar:

* Yokoyama Mabo : percussion, vocal
* Takobo: percussion
* Sakakibara Daiji : didgeridoo
* Kawabata Makoto : guitar, electric sitar, ocarina

Nipponianippon were an ur-tribal improv group that I used to play with when I was involved with a Japanese hippie commune. The group consists of: Yokoyama Mabo, a percussionist who has toured Eastern Europe with Allen Ginsberg and Nanao Sakaki, as well as playing with the likes of Tsuchitori Toshiyuki and Kitaro; Sakakibara Daiji, who picked up the didgeridoo when he was living with the aborigines in the Australian desert; and well-known session percussionist, Takobo. I filled in on guitar, bouzouki, harmonium, etc. The group played mainly at temples and worked with the Japanese beat poet Nanao Sakaki.

So while not totally the same, close enough? Anyways, part 1 is about 29 minutes long and part 2 is about 10 minutes. The sounds are slow building drones with echoy percussion and pulses of synthy washes. Calming at first, but the intricacies make themselves apparent soon enough. The second part starts out with some more overt tribal percussion, mixing with space noises and big background drones. Sounds pretty much perfect for rocking a temple.

I also dug up a tape of Sweet & Honey, Masaki Batoh's heavy psych band called Trips Festival 1993 that I will be uploading this week. Damn, in 1993-1994, these Japanese Trip Festivals woulda been so up my alley (as they are today, but back then... man, whew!). Not to mention when Kawabata "was involved with a Japanese hippie commune."

Nipponianippon Holy Trip Festival Dec 10 1994 Tekurinji Temple

And don't forget, Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. US & Canada Tour April 2009:

Apr. 2009
3 (fri) @ Echoplex LOS ANGELES CA ( w/ Kinski, Sonic Suicide Squad
4 (sat) @ Bottom Of The Hill SAN FRANCISCO CA ( w/ Kinski, Sonic Suicide Squad
5 (sun) @ Holocene PORTLAND OR ( w/ Kinski, Sonic Suicide Squad
6 (mon) @ Sunset Tavern SEATTLE WA ( w/ Kinski, Sonic Suicide Squad
7 (tue) @ Biltmore Cabaret VANCOUVER BC ( w/ Kinski, Sonic Suicide Squad
10 (fri) @ 7th Street Entry MINNEAPOLIS MN ( w/ Sonic Suicide Squad
11 (sat) @ Empty Bottle CHICAGO IL ( w/ Sonic Suicide Squad
12 (sun) @ Grog Shop CLEVELAND OH ( w/ Sonic Suicide Squad
13 (mon) @ Magic Stick DETROIT MI ( w/ Sonic Suicide Squad
14 (tue) @ El Mocambo TORONTO ON ( w/ Sonic Suicide Squad
15 (wed) @ La Sala Rossa MONTREAL PQ ( w/ Sonic Suicide Squad
16 (thu) @ Middle East Upstairs CAMBRIDGE MA ( w/ Sonic Suicide Squad
17 (fri) @ Mercury Lounge NEW YORK NY ( w/ Sonic Suicide Squad
18 (sat) @ Johnny Brendas PHILADELPHIA PA ( w/ Sonic Suicide Squad
19 (sun) @ DC9 WASHINGTON DC ( w/ Sonic Suicide Squad
20 (mon) @ Ottobar BALTIMORE MD ( w/ Sonic Suicide Squad
21 (tue) @ Local 506 CHAPEL HILL NC ( w/ Sonic Suicide Squad
22 (wed) @ The Earl ATLANTA GA ( w/ Sonic Suicide Squad
23 (thu) @ Hi-Tone Cafe MEMPHIS TN ( w/ Sonic Suicide Squad
24 (fri) @ Hailey's DENTON TX ( w/ Sonic Suicide Squad
25 (sat) @ Emos Alternative Lounge AUSTIN TX (http://www.emosaustin.comnet/) w/ Sonic Suicide Squad
27 (mon) @ Plush TUCSON AZ ( w/ Sonic Suicide Squad
28 (tue) @ Casbah SAN DIEGO CA ( w/ Sonic Suicide Squad


Anonymous said...

Thanx Andy!
Keep going with these acid tapes!
More "La Musica" stuff would be great!

nicepooperzine said...

Thanks Markos! A few more La Musica tapes coming up on the horizon. Just found some Mainliner tapes I forgot about.