Friday, April 17, 2009

Floating Action April 16 2009 World Cafe Live

I am a huge mark for Seth Kauffman and his band Floating Action, so this one was a no brainer, even though he was the opening act for Toubab Krewe, whom I had never heard of. Anyways, with RayJay in tow, I made the drive and we rolled in just in time to get some Dock Street Porters and find seats on the floor. I know World Cafe Live and XPN are not my normal venues, and as much as I love the sound, it has to be annoying to play to a bunch of folks eating dinner and having dinner conversation. At least it is annoying to me, an audience member. That said, this place was not made with me in mind, so... anyways.

Floating Action played great, a nice ramshackle sound... deceptively simple songs played with a loose band. I love the recordings, they have a raw, vintage sound that is pretty hard to find in this day and age, but the band is equally good live and the excellent sound of this venue definitely benefited them. New songs mixed with some oldies, man.... if I throw the Woodstock style bday party of my dreams, I want Floating Action to play all afternoon. Such a party band, like beer AND pills. And baked. But danceable! So yeah, it was a bit odd to be sitting down watching them, but so it goes. Highlights for me were the older song "Sunlight" where Seth rocks the electric sitar, new jam "50 Lashes," the semi new arrangement of "Absolute Sway" and the set closing "Could You Save Me." Sure I was a tad buzzy and asking for "the dub version of 'Grind Pills' and 'Lost All My Money'" but alas, that was it for the night. We high tailed it out of there because it was a work night and the room was awash with patchouli. And I like patchouli, but ya know... Anyways, here are some crappy pics. Go see Floating Action and Acid Mothers Temple playing together tonight at the Mercury Lounge in NYC! And buy the new Floating Action CD from Park the Van records.

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