Monday, October 10, 2011

Psychedelic Crazy Horse - Short Cuts (cassette)

Re-found a bunch of CDrs and cassettes recently and found this little gem from the late 90s Tokyko underground. Eric laid this on me after the XplanetbethX year plus tour of Japan. Thanks, man! A goofy trio with an amazingly great name, Psychedelic Crazy Horse turn out to sound nothing like Neil Young's best band. Their improv spazz tunes kinda remind me of Caroliner for some reason. Has to be that fake boulder bass or something, because the frenzied guitar isn't very dayglo. I remember the name popping up in various zines around the mid to late 90s and finally hearing this self released cassette (direct from Japan!) during those heady days of Japanese psych discovery I was a bit taken aback at the free-ness. A tad more Ruins than Marble Sheep, but still occupying a very individual space. Not sure whatever happened to the band, not much online about them, though Mason Jones' Ongakublog does have some info on this release. They were on some of the later Tokyo Flashback comps, but that is about it. Here is Raw Pogo on this cassette:

for all the PSF label fanatics, this is an obvious must. Awesome psych guitar that just soars. A bass so slippery you’d start doing the invisible beachball dance like a dead head too, and jazzy drums. Jamming improvisations and songs that start to fall apart from the spaciness just like MOSS ICON did. In fact if this were given to me with out info, I would have guessed it was recorded in 1988 during The Summer Of Beads, at some secret fire hall show in Virginia or Maryland or Eastern PA, with MOSS ICON, THE UPTOWN BONES, THE TAR BABIES, DIE KRUEZEN ’88, DINOSAUR, SHUDDER TO THINK and DAS DAMEN all on the bill. With lots of Birkenstocks and beads and sst shirts and pot and lenghthening hair. A show avoided like plague by all the hooded sweatshirt dorks and ‘posi’s, during that segregated summer. But alas these jams are from Tokyo clubs about as far removed from a hall show as you can possibly get. But if any of this review regurgitates any of yr secret history then youre welcome and we know what side you were on back then, and you have already sent the money for this fucking cassette right?


Short Cuts part 1

Short Cuts part 2


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