Sunday, November 13, 2011

Acid Mothers Sunday Vol 37: La Musica Mystery Box Discs 1 and 9

Ok, I am still having trouble figuring out what the hell this box set is. While I am fairly certain it is La Musica Tapes Vol. 3, I am really no closer to figuring out what is what. Here is the only description of the box I have been able to find online:

LMB 061-070 LA MUSICA TAPES vol.3/V.A.
This miracle box set is a comprehensive collection of roots of Japanese psychedelic beatniks
Cult groups & their sects (who indeed desert from society & act underground without
relations from any scene) are introduced. Japanese representative psychedelic underground
musicians are fully gathered.
Studio & live recordings.
Limited edition of 50 copies.

Here is disc 9 from the box. I am posting this under the Acid Mothers Sunday banner just because... maybe Kawabata is on this? Plus, I posted the other disc under this, so... yeah, let's get as confusing as possible!

Anyways, on first listen this sounded a bit like Holy Angels, but I don't think it is. That said, not sure what this matches up to from the above (and of course there are 10 discs and 11 bands listed on the description). Regardless, the first track has some saxophone on it and sounds way spacey. The second track is a little more free jazz spazz and sounds Kawabata to me.

If you have any ideas about this stuff, please leave comments! Thanks!

La Musica Mystery Box Disc 9

I decided to add disc one as well. This one is all over the place, murky tribal psych, birds chirping, chopped and screwed vocals, violins or something... doesn't really sound like one group. All the more perplexing with Nanjo's habit of putting different groups on one CDr. Help!

La Musica Mystery Box Disc One


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all this La Music action. I wish I could shed some some light on who, what, and when but I gave up on that barbed wire thicket a while ago. I bought a couple of the CDRs on La Musica that Nanjo was selling when High Rise was touring the US--wish I bought more but I think he was charging $20 a disc for each and I had no more money to spare--drove to Seattle from Portland to see them play. And when I went to get my car to drive back to Portland it wasn't there!! Stolen during the show. No regrets though--great show and my car was found two weeks later. Someone just took it for a joyride apparently...

Thanks again,


Ivangov said...

Please reup! and may it be the whole box?

nicepooperzine said...

Hi Ivangov! I am working on it, hope to have the whole box up this weekend... Mega upload got shut down and with it all of the FLAC links I posted, so the re-up will be all mp3s. Sorry.

Ivangov said...

thank you very much. that will be great!

Anonymous said...

Just got around to listen to disc 1 I downloaded it when you posted it so much music sometimes it takes a while to listen so glad I did this is great would love to know if you could repost disc9 or anyothers?

nicepooperzine said...

Hello anonymous... strangely enough I will be posting the whole box set in the next day or so. I think I have most of it figured out. Thanks for reading and commenting!