Monday, September 26, 2011

High Rise Live March 15 2000 Khyber Pass, Philadelphia

Been on a crazy High Rise kick lately for some reason. Sometimes nothing clears the brain like Narita's riff from "Ikon." Anyways, this one is from their only visit to the Khyber Pass as far as I can tell. I honestly don't remember that much of the show, just that they were loud as fuck and awesome and the Major Stars opened up. And that Nanjo had to put on his shades before he would pose for pics with us. It was the day before my birthday so I blame that for my hazy memory.

I am not sure who recorded this, etc. Kinda sounds like a soundboard. I traded for this not long after the actual show, but I see that it was also available on the High Rise Psychedelic Atmosphere Beatnik Tour 2000 CDR box set. Be sure to check out the awesome and informative Bleak Bliss blog, lots of High Rise, La Musica and more. I am not sure if the track list/recording is exactly the same as that found on the box set. The band at this time was Asahito Nanjo on bass and vocals, Munehiro Narita on guitar and Shimura Koji on drums.

Not sure what the exact track list is either, but here you go. I did these in FLAC format (3 parts) as it is a live recording and sounds pretty killer.

High Rise March 15 2000 Khyber Pass, Philadelphia Part One

Part 2

Part 3

1. Induced Depression
2. Ikon
3. Disallow
4. Psychedelic Speed Freaks
5. ?
6. ?
7. Right On (part 1)
8. Right On (part 2)
9. crowd noise
10. ?

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