Monday, September 19, 2011

Doodles - Disc One (PLDR-2001)

Caught a great set the other night from Kawaguchi Masami's New Rock Syndicate at the Empty Space (Sept 14 2011) and picked up some CDrs after a nice brainwash. Two of 'em were on the Purifiva label and it jogged my memory about this awesome slice of pop psych, also on Purifiva. I don't know much about Doodles, but this is their first CD(r) and they wound up putting out a few more as well as having two songs on the landmark Night Gallery compilation on Alchemy Records. I know that Mischishita from LSD March was in the band in a later incarnation (or something), and the drummer on this release wound up playing with New Rock Syndicate as well as on that LSD Pond double CD on Archive.

Six songs of strummy psych with off key vocals and great guitar breaks. Gotta admit, it reminds a bit of 90s Philly's O Mighty Isis. Recorded live and in studio, released in 2001 I think? A CDr in a jewel case with color copy sleeves. I am sure I snagged this from Eclipse Records back around then. While not quite as intricate and deep as Angel N Heavy Syrup (who I am sure the description name checked), this is a cool batch of femme voiced Japanese basement psych pop kloud wrap. Enjoy!

Doodles - Disc One (Purifiva, PLDR-2001)


link rae said...

nice to see you back in action again &
ta ! for the doodles
(had a slight shopping spree myself when kawaguchi played brussels last march :) ... love it that all those japanese musicians are making it to our shores 'lately'... next up the green flames and/or los doroncos (i hope ;)

nicepooperzine said...

thanks link! man... i would love to see Green Flames!! i will have to check out Los Doroncos, unfamiliar with them...

take care,