Monday, October 25, 2010

Rancid Vat - Hostile City USA (Video)

A couple of days ago I was searching for the awesome awesome awesome Rancid Vat song "Hostile City USA" on youtube with no dice. Unreal! Probably the best, and certainly the best-known song from the Philly era of Rancid Vat and it wasn't showing up anywhere! Totally awesome punk fueled mayhem about the city scientifically proven to be "the most hostile city in the USA" back in 1994 via a Gallup Poll commissioned by Duke University. With lots (too many?) folks (Roller Skating clubs, Death Metal Fests, etc.) taking up the Hostile City banner, I am 99% sure Rancid Vat were the first ones to flip it this way. And they get no fucking credit! The best song about the city of Brotherly Love since "Fall In Philadelphia" and the best punk song about Philadelphia EVER and there is barely any recognition! This song was available on a 7" and on their awesome 31 Flavors of Hostility CD as well as the compilation The Cheesesteak Years. You can buy these releases here, direct from Rancid Vat main man, Thee Whiskey Rebel.

Anyways, I put together a slide show of some Rancid Vat pics I had laying around and here is the result. Enjoy! The Cosmic Commander of Wrestling was one of the best singers/frontmen I have ever seen, the Philly lineup of Rancid Vat was just amazing, Punk as fuck, way late into the game. Alas, all good things... The main Vat'ers, Thee Whiskey Rebel and Marla Vee split Philly for Texas and haven't looked back. Who can blame them?

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