Sunday, October 31, 2010

Acid Mothers Sunday Vol 31: Mainliner - Attack Nog

What? Two Acid Mothers Sundays in two days!? Halloween spirit or something. Anyways, this one is only one song and clocks in under 4 minutes, so don't get your hopes up. I was bumbling around the music library closet and happened upon Freakout Revisited, "The bootleg of the bootleg La Musica Box Set Psychedelic Freakout (LMB 041-050)..." Might as well let the liners for this 10 CD set continue:
"... described as: '1980-1990s studio & live, unreleased materials - heavy, garage, space, avant-garde, mondo & folk.' The collection is, in fact, compiled at least 90% from Galatic Zoo Dossier cassettes 1-4 and various other cassettes supplied to Nanjo Asahito by Plastic Crimewave... Asahito did not ask or tell Plastic Crimewave about this box set..."
So, anyways, Plastic Crimewave reissued this on his own with anointed/correct liners, etc. and it looks like it is still available. Tons and tons of great stuff from Mr. Crimewave himself, plus Fursaxa, Warrior Pants II, Musica Transonic, Maher Shalal Hash Baz and more.

One of the few songs Nanjo added to the box is this totally in the red Mainliner jam, "Attack Nog." One of their most High Rise moments for sure. This one is from the "Trouble Fill My Spoon" disc.

Mainliner - Attack Nog (Freakout Revisited)

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