Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Virginville Film Fest 2009

Hey check it out, the City Paper hawks the Virginville Film Fest:

Now in its fifth year, the Virginville Film Fest is on the lookout for films to add to this year's line-up. The fest takes place about an hour and a half north of Philly but the description makes it worth teh commute.

From their MySpace page:

its the greatest event of the summer because its OUTSIDE on the grass underneath the stars on a midsummer's eve down by the pond on an organic farm with the films projected really big and everyone's in a good mood. and the films are all great and made by artists and freaks and normal peeple just like you. i mean its like a celebration of you and us and yr friends and everything you wanna put on the screen. thats worth a $10 dollar donation, right? and all the films are under 10 minutes so no one's gonna get bored, but to be bored is to be boring anyway. and peeple should demand beauty. and be reasonable; demand the impossible!

The guidelines are any film under 10 minutes, on VHS or DVD (sorry, mm-lovers). Deadline for submission is June 1. Contact for more info on submission.

Check it out, yo!


Carl Franke said...

It's a great time, especially for all the city heads to escape the exhaust and grime of Philthy...Head up there, camp out, enjoy the fresh air, beer, and some cool videos / films...

nicepooperzine said...

Totally, last year was a blast... Fantastic setting. Gonna be so fun!!