Sunday, May 3, 2009

Acid Mothers Sunday Vol 13: Mainliner - Psychedelic Atomopshere Beatnik (LA-055)

This time around we have another cassette from the late 90s... Mainliner's Psychedelic Atmosphere Beatnik from High Rise main man Nanjo's label, La Musica. As far as I can tell, this one was recorded after Mainliner's insanely over the top and awesome debut, Mellow Out (recorded 1995) and their totally beyond in the red follow up, Mainliner Sonic (recorded 1997). Psychedelic Atmosphere Beatnik has Nanjo and Kawabata joined by Yoshida from the Ruins for a total fucking super group. It always blows my mine that AMT's wildly nice and friendly sticks man, Koizumi Hajime is the drummer on Mellow Out, which really may be the pinnacle of the whole noise rock as punishment thing. Such a nice guy for so heavy!

Anyways, this one has some kinda sludgy sound of course, though it is a live recording so I guess it comes with the territory, and the drums are mixed kinda low, but it does have a kick ass version of the ultimate Mainliner song, "Black Sky," plus four other jams. Two versions of "Tsukisasaru" and "Last Day" (both eventually re-recorded for Mainliner Sonic) and a song that doesn't seem to have made it on to any other Mainliner recordings (again, as far as I can tell). "Lugubrious" is a tight riff jam that Kawabata absolutely slays on, spirals and spirals of densely packed notes colliding with that moon bounce Nanjo bass. Hell, I like this tape more than Mainliner Sonic, to be honest.

This one carried the La Musica catalog number LA-055 and here is what the catalog from back in the day says:

Last-dith, extreme heavy sound psychedelic outlaws who have suceeded to High Rise's legacy as the new psychedelic speed freaks. This time the line-up includes Tatsuya Yoshida on drums to produce an even more powerful, explosive sound that tolerates no argument. Ferce megaton live unreleased multi-track recording.

So there you go, tolerating no arguments since '95, yalls. Ferce, indeed. Also, this should not be confused with the 10 CDr Box Set with the same name on La Musica (LMB031-040), which featured recordings from Acid Mothers Temple, Mainliner, Toho Sara and more...

More La Musica tapes and more live Mainliner coming soon. If you don't have Mellow Out, buy it now! Also, Mainliner Sonic has been reissued by Chinese label Collapsar and if anyone in the states is gonna have it, Eclipse Records will.

Mainliner - Psychedelic Atmosphere Beatnik (LA-055)


masonoise said...

Nice one, thanks for saving me the time to digitize this! By the way, "Mainliner Sonic" is indeed out now from Collapsar, and a small LP edition will be coming from Assomer Records here in the U.S. sometime soon! Keep your eyes open.

-- Mason (Charnel Music)

nicepooperzine said...

Thanks Mason... Hold off on digitizing TROOP by Mainliner, I think that is gonna be the next upload. That said, if you have any Holy Angels besides ANGEL TRIP, please put that to the head of the list, haha!

thanks again...

Anonymous said...

thx !