Friday, February 6, 2009

Top Music of 2008 in My Brain

Sheesh, I was trying to do the top ten deal or whatever of the stuff I heard this year... and just to cut to the chase, here we go, in a hazy order. I will add to it if I remember something, etc.

New Stuff:
Howlin Rain - Magnificent Fiend
Boris - Smile
Yahowa 13 - Sonic Portation
Lil Wayne- Carter III
Dungen - 4
Acid Mothers Temple - Pink Lady Lemonade~You're From Outer Space
Dr. Dog- Fate
Acid Mothers Temple - Cometary Orbital Drive
Like A Fox - Where's My Golden Arm?
Malkmus & the Jicks - Real Emotional Trash
Mondo Drag - Holy Spirit
Crystal Antlers - ep
We All Inherit the Moon
Plastic Crimewave Sound - s/t

Pavement - Brighten the Corners
Acid Mothers Temple - Acid Mothers Temple Early Recordings
Teenage Jesus & the Jerks - Beirut Slump

Acid Mothers Temple and related:
AMT & Cosmic Inferno - Pink Lady Lemonade~You're From Outer Space
AMT & Melting Paraiso UFO- Cometary Orbital Drive
AMT & Yamamoto Seiichi - Giant Psychedelia
AMT & Melting Parasio - Acid Mothers Temple Early Recordings
AMT & Cosmic Inferno - Hotter Than Inferno - Live in Sapporo 2008
Kawabata - Kiss Me Goodbye

Lil Wayne & The Empire - The Drought is Over 6
Clipse - Road to Til The Casket Drops
Lil Wayne/ DJ Cinema - Starring in Mardi Gras
Curren$y - Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Freeway - Month of Madness

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