Sunday, February 8, 2009

Acid Mothers Sunday Vol 10: Toho Sara

Toho Sara featured Nanjo from High Rise and Kawabata from Acid Mothers Temple (and both of them were in Mainliner). They mostly played acoustic and ethnic instruments to create a mighty drone. Toho Sara had a few CDs out on PSF and Fractile in the mid 90s. Anyway, this release comes to us from Nanjo's La Musica label. A cassette release with the catalog number LA-023. This one is a scraping, droning, wheezing session cut up into 4 songs. Here is the description from the La Musica Catalog:

023. TOHO SARA / Kami no miya
A departure from the norm with members of Group Musica guesting with the Toho Sara regulars. The collaboration between Group Musica, who aim for a mysterious fuion of contemporary classical and improvised music, and Toho Sara is totally unforced and natural, resulting in a new microcosm of sound. The unique melodies of ethnic and Western instruments blend in avant-garde fashion, forming new waves and musical imaes.

So there you go... enjoy!

Toho Sara - Kami No Miya (LA-023)


Anonymous said...

Awesome thanks again for this wonderful AMT related release please keep 'em coming!

nicepooperzine said...

Thanks anonymous! More to come soon... though I think I only have one more La Musica tape with Kawabata on it (a Tsurubami cassette). I will try to get that one up in the next week or so.

Anonymous said...

Here is one for you not my rip
Kawabata Makoto & Michishita Shinsuke - Basement Echo [Important, 2008]

Anonymous said...

hey andy, it's marcos here from slsk! thanx for toho sara ;)
if you are still in slsk, i am KrauT. now. cheers man!

Roxanne said...

Thanks : )

nicepooperzine said...

Hi Markos and Roxanne! thanks for the comments and enjoy the jams... I have added KrauT to my slsk too...

take care