Thursday, September 18, 2008

Plastic Crimewave Sound & Djin Aquarian 2008 Tour!!

Here are the dates for the Plastic Crimewave Sound & Djin Aquarian (guitarist from Yahowa 13) 2008 tour.

I will add more info, etc. when I get a chance/know more... but seriously, this is gonna be insanely awesome!!!

friday 11/7: cleveland (grog shop)
saturday 11/8: pittsburgh (gooski's)
sunday 11/9: dc (the velvet)
monday 11/10: baltimore (the talking head)
tuesday 11/11: philly (marvelous records)
wednesday 11/12: nyc (knitting factory)
friday 11/14: montreal (salsa)
saturday 11/15: toronto (sneaky d's)
sunday 11/16: detroit (the bohemian)

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