Monday, September 1, 2008

New Yahowa 13 website, sound clip

Well this is extra groovy, there is a new, official, Yahowa 13 website featuring news, photos, sound clips, etc. As you may know, Propahse Music is releasing the first NEW album by Yahowa 13 in 30+ years. That one comes out on Oct 28 2008 on CD with a later, very limited vinyl release (hopefully). You can pre-order the new album, Sonic Portation, here. Also, back on the official Yahowa 13 site they are featuring a sound clip of one of the new jams from Sonic Portation, so check it out and see how much these original members of the Source Family have totally kept it together in the ensuing years! Amazing! Lots more Yahowa 13, Prophase news in the coming weeks!!

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