Tuesday, April 1, 2008

new v/vm stuff & the phils lose home opener...

Just a quick note on some cool stuff happening from the V/VM camp, a new limited edition (of 175!)12" of Twin Peaks themed jams called "there was a fish... in... the percolator." I ordered mine and can't wait to behold it's greatness. Always a great/challenging listen.

And yes, the Phillies lost their home opener. Ugh. It wasn't so much that they lost (it was the home opener, after all), it was the way they lost. After the super high of Jimmy Rollins hitting a 2 run homer to tie things up in the 7th, Tom Gordon had a melt down and gave up 20 runs. The bullpen... geez! After all this... the bullpen fucks it up. Argh. Needless to say, callers to WIP were as insane as always. Thank god it is a long season. And yeah, I ate half a cookie, so this counts as psychedelic, for the purists.

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