Friday, April 4, 2008

boredoms & black pus @ starlight ballroom april 2 2008

A nice big show at the Starlight Ballroom. Crowded, but not crazy packed and definitely not as "sold out" as the last time the Boredoms played here. Missed Soft Circle and hand beers til Black Pus started. Black Pus is Brian Chippendale from Lightning Bolt doing a one man-drummer band thing and I was pretty hyped to see the deal in the flesh, as watching that dude play drums is truly a beautiful site. Man/instrument meld, ya know? So this is him with tons of triggers and samplers and his kit. Total f'n destruction as they say. I was watching from the back and for the life of me could not tell where the samples ended and his playing started. Incredibly tight break beats played live with viscous waves of grating noise/hip hop samples/ guitar-bass throb. And he wears a creepy mask. Insanely loud (but clean), pummeling. Brutality, but with a head nodding beat attack for sure.

Boredoms took the stage with Eye using those light balls he had last time, a weird drone theremin sound. On stage with Eye and the 3 drummers was a crazy sculpture of six guitars and basses welded together, with the necks sticking out, three to a side. Eye would hit the strings with drum sticks or mallets and create a solar plexus trampoline for the duration of the drone. This time around things had a little bit more variety than the massive trance out hypno drum circle of last time. Even the little techno thing in the middle had a bit of a different arrangement. Towards the end when Eye was hitting the guitar armed thing in a way that formed a melody out of the massive drone, well shit it was just awesome. Alas, I wasn't loaded enough to try to work the handicapped angle and get on stage to take pictures like last time, sorry!

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