Sunday, December 23, 2007

Quick pre xmas wrap up

Not much time to write this week, what with the holidays and such.

Went to see Carpenter Ant's last show with Eric and Beth on Friday at Jan's Room in Allentown. It was pretty fun, rad to see folks pitting it up, singing along and jumping around, etc. The vibe wasn't quite as insane as Jeff the Pigeon, alas. Still great to see E&B (and Wheat the cat) and Greg from Chumpire. And Brad the Fat Kid in action, of course. Best part was the singer giving Eric a shout out for "Still going to shows... still part of the scene... doing it for years... skipping school to go to shows (?)..." so awesome! I gotta go up to the LV more often, a nice fella I didn't even know helped me cross the very icy sidewalk on the walk back to my car.

Here is a video Eric shot of the last song:

Some pics from the show here.

In other news, does anyone have the Satoh-Yamashita album Metempsychosis? If so, get in touch! Thanks.

Happy holidays, yall.

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