Monday, December 10, 2007

Murder Junkies Dec 7 2007 Smalls, Harrisburg PA

Here are some pics from the Murder Junkies at Small's in Harrisburg on Friday, December 7th, 2007. The place is up the street from John Beck's old apartment; man I spent a good amount of my junior and senior years at that apartment, getting awesome and tripping out. Anyways, the show was cool, newish singer dude is really fitting in; band was tight. Lots of punk rockers. Many beers(Victory Pils and Yuengling Lager), much awesome, tons of nostalgia as I was hanging with my pal Rusty, a head from way back. Plus it was great to see Merle and Dino. Some fake skinhead looking dudes were eyeballing Merle at his merch table, which was right by the door. Turns out one of them sucker punched Merle as they left, ugh. What a bunch of silliness. Merle seemed ok, but it was a drag in an otherwise blurry fun night. Man, everybody still loves PBR. That said, no sign of John Beck, Jay Heycock, Pat McCann, the O'Hara brothers, the Gross sisters, Sam Lipton, Kamal or the Nutsman. Damn.

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Anonymous said...

Hey dude, I'm still around the area. John Beck is MIA & has been for years. Pat McCahan is in Florida, the Nutzman is married to Crystal Groce out in Vegas, her sister Heather is in Utah I think. Not sure about the rest of the old crew. Not sure who you might be, but you can find me at
Jay Heycock