Sunday, January 30, 2011

Seven Inches: White Heaven and Loud Machine 5000

I was going through some old 7"s and dug out these two, featuring the massively awesome Michio Kurihara, one of my fave guitarists of all time. Kurihara is probably known best for playing with Ghost and Boris, but almost anything with his name on it is "worth it" in this house. His stun gun/swarm of bees Cippolina/Jacks sustain style is so damn psychedelic it boggles the mind. At turns beautifully melodic, other times harsh riff damage.

These were both released by Japan's HG records (?) back in the 90s, the White Heaven 7" is from '94 and Loud Machine 5000 (also known as Loud Machine 2000) is from '92. The Loud Machine 5000 tracks remind me somewhat of the angular sound of Heroin and Clikitat Ikatowi, but not quite as frenzied. The vocals are a bit pro, but worth it for the Kurihara pyrotechnics for sure. The White Heaven jammers are not on any of their other releases as far as I can tell. Enjoy and check out this awesome Kurihara discography and start filling in the gaps! Oh yeah, photo is from Ghost's May 8 2009 show at Johnny Brenda's. LINKS REMOVED

Loud Machine 5000 7" - Go Grace Go/Lord of Nothing Part I

White Heaven 7" - Threshold of Pain/4 Hours (In The Afternoon)


theeasysubcult said...

did i ever lay those kurihara tapes on you that i got from yoji? a couple shows in tokyo in 97 or so.

Anonymous said...

Hello friend,

Would you reup the Loud Machine 7"? I downloaded it here a few years ago and I don't know how I did it but I stupidly lost it and I really want to hear it again.
Kind Regards,

a friend.

Profile said...

possible to reupload this? thanks so much