Monday, September 6, 2010

Bardo Pond - Live WKDU Oct 23 1997

Happy Labor Day! Here is one from the peoples' band, Bardo Pond. Still kicking after how many years into "the game?" Anyway, I was going through some CDrs and came across this. I remember I taped it off of the radio when it aired. Not sure if it was recorded earlier or live, but live in the studio regardless with a first airing on October 23rd 1997. I assume this on the Drug Music show, but not quite positive. Anyway, totally classic late 90s philly-ness, Bardo Pond and WKDU. At some point I transfered that tape to CDr, and here it is. I am not that familiar with Bardo's titles or discography from this era, so if anyone wants to help in the comments, please do. Thanks! Regardless, this is a jammer for sure... Now download this, eat chocolate, watch the Phils double header and enjoy!

Bardo Pond - Live WDKU Oct 23 1997


link rae said...

you should get a fonkin' medal !

nicepooperzine said...

thanks, link rae! enjoy!