Monday, July 26, 2010

New on Prophase: Janina Angel Bath - Gyspy Woman LP

Well, well... doesn't this just look amazing!?

That's right, it's Janina Angel Bath's Gypsy Woman, on vinyl at last! A 12" and a 10" in an awesome heavy gatefold sleeve, this one looks as good as it sounds. Ethereal scapes and vocals mixing in that awesome super psych deal, like REAL acid folk but so much more. Tabla, sitars, guitars, harp (I think?) and lots of other stuff went into the cauldron for this one. Psych the fuck out at 3AM and all that shit! Some of it reminds me of the Cocteau Twins, some of it reminds me of Fursaxa, throw in some Nico (if only she did a duo LP with Angus MacLise) and some Pocahaunted and all sorts of mystical fairy stuff. 500 pressed with like 400 being available at retail, I guess the 100 are promos? Anyways, it SOUNDS better on this deal, too. Buy it now direct from Prophase here.

And here is one of my favorite tracks...

Janina Angel Bath - Medieval Passage


Dana said...

i have to agree.. this looks amazing, and even better in person

Prophase Music said...
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