Saturday, March 27, 2010

AMT in the newz!

Prophase/Alien8 Acid Mothers night gets some love from Japan Times article on Japanese bands at SXSW

The best Japanese performance, and one of the top shows at the fest, came from Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO on SXSW's opening night at bar Rusty Spurs. Just before starting, band founder Makoto Kawabata said to the soundman, "Can you push my guitar sound to the audience as loud as possible, please" as the crowd grinned in anticipation.

All in their 40s or older, the quartet began the first of several fantastic psychedelic jams with the insanely high volume causing the floor to shake and bits of dirt to fall from the ceiling. With things winding down, Kawabata and bassist Atsushi Tsuyama climbed atop the speakers at the sides of the stage. Kawabata began rubbing his instrument along the ceiling and then on the speaker adding a greater experimental edge to the proceedings. The audience roared their approval, but their cheers were buried under an avalanche of feedback.

Read the whole thing as they say, especially Kawabata's take on Japan Nite.

Also! The March 24th 2010 AMT at the Bottom of the Hill has been posted to, thanks Michael Z!

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