Saturday, December 19, 2009

Acid Mothers Sunday vol 21: Penguin House Dec 18 2009

Full on blizzard mode here on the East Coast USA... so here is an AMT Sunday a day early. This time around, we have three sets from basically last night at Penguin House in Tokyo Koenji. Miminokoto (with Kawabata), Leningrad Blues Machine and Tsurubami recorded and uploaded by AMT message board poster Fuyuki. Great sets and awesome recordings with an AMT tie in for each band. Kawabata sits in with Miminokoto, Leningrad Blues Machine is Cosmic Inferno bassist Tabata's psych band (and of course we all recall Leningrad Psychedelic Blues Machine) and Tsurubami features Kawabata and Hiroshi from AMT. Whew!

Miminokoto with Kawabata - Live Dec 18 2009 Penguin House

Leningrad Blues Machine - Live Dec 18 2009 Penguin House

Tsurubami - Live Dec 18 2009 Penguin House

(can I just mention the awesome jam about 6 minutes into the Leningrad Blues Machine set sounds like Legion of Mary? Wow.. amazing.)

Thanks again, Fuyuki!

Yesterday I received the new AMT label disc, Acid Mothers Temple with with Ichiraku Yoshimitsu, AMT Festival Vol 7, a 16 track live recording that sounds phenomenal, but wow... check out the artwork!!

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Anonymous said...

hey man, my favourite AMT unit is the shamefully under-heard Tsurubami, so to have fresh live material to hear is a very rare joy, cheers!!