Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fav Song Today: Prize Country - Regular Nights

Ok, full disclosure, the company I work for distro's this title, but even if we didn't, it is fucking awesome. As far as new school punk stuff goes, this reminds me of Hose.Got.Cable, Heroin, Indian Summer, but a little more NOW. Anyways, enjoy!

Prize Country - Regular Nights from With Love on Hex Records. Awesome album cover too.


Rusty said...

The telecaster is a brave choice. Good tune!

xokayteamac said...

MY GOD THIS BAND rocks! you should see them live:
22. Providence, RI @ AS220 w/ Git Some
23. Boston, MA @ O'brien's Pub
24. Syracuse, NY @ HEX FEST (early show) w/ Ed Gein and more

24. Syracuse, NY @ ½ Penny Pub w/ Git Some & Mistletoe (late show)
25. Brooklyn, NY @ Charleston’s
26. Washington DC @ Red and Black Cafe w/ Git Some
27. Richmond, VA @ The Triple w/ Git Some
28. Charlotte, NC @ Limestone w/ Git Some

30. Jacksonville, FL @ Doozers Pub w/ Git Some
31. Git Some @ Gainesville Fest

NOV 1. Gainesville Fest @ Rum Rebellion
2. Athens, GA @ Caledonia
3. Birmingham, AL @
4. Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn w/ Git Some
5. Vicksburg, MS @ doom room w/ Git Some
6. Dallas, TX @ Doublewide w/ Git Some
7. Oklahoma City, OK @ Conservatory w/ Git Some, Traindodge and City of Ships
9. Phoenix, AZ @ J Hedz
10. Tucson, AZ @ Living Room w/ Loom
11. San Diego, CA @ Radio Program show - more soon
12. San Diego, CA @ Radio Room w/ Loom & Rats Eyes
13. LA, CA @ Labcabin w/ Loom & District of Evolution
14. Ventura, CA @ Billy O’s w/ Loom
15. Fresno, CA @ Chinatown Youth Center w/ Loom & Rats Eyes
16. Santa Cruz, CA @ Blue Lagoon w/ Loom
17. Oakland, CA @ Stork Club w/ Loom
18. Sacramento, CA @ Blue Lamp w/ Loom & Rats Eyes
19. Arcata, CA @ Aloha House w/ Loom
20. Portland, OR @Satyricon w/ Loom, Rats Eyes

nicepooperzine said...

Unfortunately they couldn't get a Philly show this time around, I am dying to see 'em live. Good think they tour a lot...