Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jennifer Herrama is a Birther!?

Oh man.... I am still on my Royal Trux kick, which has spread to RTX and Howling Hex as well. I was checking out this interview with Jennifer from RTX when this jumped right up and punched me in the face:

DD: How about American democracy, do you believe in the whole Obama thing?
JH: I’m kind of stoked that the president’s a black guy, but things move so slowly in politics – it will probably be a hundred years before there’s any palpable change. You’ve got to be careful too. I mean, I did the research and he shouldn’t have been allowed to run for President because he’s not an American citizen. You’ve got to be careful with that because… well, I live in California, and you know that motherfucker Schwarzenegger wants to be President!

Good lord. "The research." Amazing.

Then again, she does bust out this one:

DD: Can you ever see yourself calming down and doing something more laid back? Thurston Moore did that acoustic album recently…
JH: (Laughs) What, when I’m Thusrton’s age? Devendra Banhart did a bad thing because he started making all these people act like idiots!

Devendra Banhart ruined rock for an entire generation! Man those RTX records are fucking great. I kinda passed on them first time around, but they are totally part of my summer 09 soundtrack now. Crunchy!

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