Sunday, June 7, 2009

Acid Mothers Sunday Vol 15: Musica Transonic & Yamataka Eye (LA-049)

So this time around, for Vol 15 of the Acid Mothers Sunday series we venture into the world of free rock band Musica Transonic. Muisca Transonic is the same line up as second album Mainliner, Kawabata (Acid Mothers Temple, etc) on guitar, Nanjo (High Rise) on bass and Yoshida (Ruins) on drums. The difference between the two groups is more theoretical than audible in my ears. While Mainliner were slaves to the riff, Musica Transonic are free, improvised rock and do seem to push and push the boundaries of song more than Mainliner. They have a bunch of CDs on PSF and some other labels, plus a bunch of La Musica cassettes as well.

This one has Yamataka Eye from the Boredoms on a few songs and features two decently recorded (with that patented Nanjo in-the-red production) live shows from July 1996 in Japan. Kawabata's guitar definitely takes on more of the free echoed out Strat sounds, bashing and spazzing into the other instruments and then blazing right over them with long washes of almost out of tune sheets of 'casterness. Nanjo's bass lurches and bounces like someone trying to play basketball with a Nerf football. Yoshida's drums sound fantastic and his playing is more suited to this style than Mainliner. His fills and drive are amazing and I love the sharp snare sound he gets, it reminds me of Peter Moffett from Government Issue. Eye shows up about five or six songs in, screaming his head off making his shredded voice another free'd up instrument. A surprisingly good edition to the heavy psych squall. That said, the title is a bit of a misnomer, as Eye only appears on a few songs. Eye heads, be warned, this is way more of a live Musica Transonic release than a true equal footing collab.

I transferred this to CDr years ago and it seems I got the tracking wrong or something. My transfer has 15 tracks total, but the cassette label lists 17 tracks, so I must have combined some songs. Sorry about that! Also, the tracks are in some symbol language deal, I just used numbers. This one carries the La Musica catalog number LA-049. Lets see what the La Musica catalog has to say:

World-shakng speed-freak free sound featuring the unique Yamatsuka Eye, one of the few people in the world on the track of a fusion of noise and minimalism. Mutli-track recording of an astounding high tension live performance that will blow off the top of your head

So yep, there you go. Enjoy!

Musica Transonic & Yamataka Eye (LA049)

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